Tesla Guide - How do I buy a Tesla?

How do I buy a Tesla?

Anyone who has already dealt with the subject of Tesla a little more closely will quickly notice that Tesla takes a different path in all positions. We would like to make your purchase easier with this guide and answer a few questions in advance. Everyone must have asked themselves the following questions before buying:

  • What should I consider beforehand?
  • Where & how can I order a Tesla?
  • Do you get discounts at Tesla?

Before you buy a Tesla, there are a few things you should think about. How much range do I need, do I need a lot of storage space, what comfort should my Tesla offer and how much budget do I have available.

How much range do I need? You should first look at your current driving profile. Do I only use the car to commute to work or do I drive hundreds of kilometers every day. And what about other trips (holidays, family visits, etc.)? However, the range of a Tesla only plays a minimal role. Thanks to the good charging infrastructure in the form of the supercharger, there is basically no need to worry about the range. Tesla is doing a lot to constantly expand the Supercharger network.

How much storage space do I need? If you have a larger family (e.g. 2 adults and 3 children), you will definitely need more storage space, i.e. a family with one child. At Tesla you currently have a choice of 4 vehicles. You can choose from: Model 3 (sedan), Model Y (SUV), Model S (sedan) and Model X (SUV up to 7 seats). The Model 3 is definitely suitable for families with 1-2 children. But if you are looking for more space, the Model Y is the best choice. Thanks to the spacious interior and the large trunk with a large opening, it offers plenty of space for every family. In return, a Tesla Model S or X is a bit more comfortable and offers more space. Ultimately, the question of storage space is very individual, but Tesla has the right solution for everyone.

Unfortunately, the Tesla Model S and Model X cannot be ordered in Germany at the moment! (Status 02/22)

What comfort should the Tesla offer? First of all, all Tesla models offer a high level of comfort and equipment. The vehicles from Tesla already offer almost full equipment in the basic version. Electric leather seats, heated front and rear seats, alloy wheels, various cameras and assistance systems are just a small part of Tesla's standard equipment. There are only a few subtle differences, for example between Model 3 and Model S. The air suspension of the Model S offers a comfort advantage over the Model 3, especially on long journeys. Otherwise, it's more a question of type, what you need or not .

But the budget can be a decisive factor. A Tesla Model 3 starts at €42,990, a Model Y - albeit with a larger battery, starts at €56,990. The Model S and Model X are currently not available in Germany, which is why no price can be given at the moment. (02/22) Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves what they can afford financially and what they want to spend.

Let's now come to the questions asked at the beginning.

Where & how can I order a Tesla?

Since Tesla doesn't have real car dealerships, the order is a little different. In some cities, for example Hamburg, there are Tesla stores or centers. In the Tesla stores, you can configure and order the Tesla together with a Tesla consultant. But if you feel quite sure, you can also place the order yourself via the Tesla homepage.

Do you get discounts at Tesla?

At Tesla there are basically no discounts, as is usual with other manufacturers. In some cases it is possible to purchase the so-called "inventory cars" (demonstration vehicles that are also used for test drives).

Unfortunately, the Tesla "Referral Program" no longer exists!

Once you have decided on a model, you will be guided through the order in 5 steps.

  1. The first step is about the vehicle and the variants. With the Tesla Model 3, for example (Model 3 Standard, Maximum Range and Performance). Tesla also always shows the change (range, top speed, acceleration 0-100 km/h) directly. The expected delivery time will also be shown to you before you place your order. This can change depending on the model variant and equipment.
  2. Then it's time for the outside view. In this step you specify the exterior color and the rims. You can also order Tesla Original winter wheels directly when ordering.
  3. Now you get to the interior. Here, for example, you can choose between the standard black interior or the white interior for the Model 3, which is subject to a surcharge.
  4. The fourth step is about the autopilot or the full potential for autonomous driving (also referred to as FSD = Full Self Driving).
  5. The last step is payment. There is an order fee of €100 upon ordering, which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation but will be applied to the purchase. In addition, you have the choice between "bank transfer, private leasing, business leasing and balloon loan".

Once you have gone through the 5 steps, you will see the well-known hedgehog in the order window. Congratulations on the Tesla you ordered!

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