Tesla Guide - How do I buy a Tesla?

How do I buy a Tesla?

Tesla is not a conventional car manufacturer. Therefore, buying a Tesla is also a little different. We want to answer a few questions here.

  • What should I consider beforehand?
  • Where & how can I order a Tesla?
  • Do you get discounts at Tesla? 

Before buying a Tesla, you should think about a few points. How much range do I need, do I need a lot of storage space, what comfort should the Tesla offer and how much budget do I have available. 

How much range do I need? In advance, you should look at your current driving profile. Do I only have the car to commute to work or do I drive several hundred kilometers a day? And what about other trips (vacation, etc.). However, the range only plays a minimal role in a Tesla. Thanks to the good charging infrastructure in the form of the SuperCharger, there is basically no need to worry about the range. A trip from Munich to Hamburg can be done in one day. 

Do I need a lot of storage space? If you have a larger family (2 adults, 3 children) you will need more storage space than a family with one child. At Tesla you currently have a choice of 4 vehicles. Model 3, Model S (Limousine), Model X (SUV up to 7 seats) and soon also Model Y. The Model 3 is quite suitable for families with 1-2 children. In return, a Tesla Model S or X is a bit more comfortable and offers more space for everything. Ultimately, the question of storage space is very individual, but Tesla offers the right solution for every case. 

What comfort should the Tesla offer? First of all, all Tesla models offer a good level of comfort. Seat heaters are now also included in the standard package and every Tesla vehicle can be preheated using an app. There are only a few subtle differences, for example between Model 3 and Model S. The air suspension of the Model S offers a comfort advantage over the Model 3, especially on long journeys. Otherwise, it is more a question of type, what you need or not.

The budget can be a deciding factor. A Tesla Model 3 starts at € 42,900 (as of 11/20), while a Model X starts at € 90,990, which is more than double that. If you were able to answer the previous questions, in the end it is more likely to be a question of what and how you can afford it financially. 

Now we come to the questions asked at the beginning. 

Where & how can I order a Tesla? 

Since Tesla does not have any real dealerships, the order is a little different. In some cities, e.g. Hamburg, there are Tesla stores in shopping malls or centers. In the Tesla Stores you can configure and order the Tesla together with a Tesla consultant. But if you feel quite safe, you can also place the order yourself over the Internet. However, think about the referral program (recommendation program) from Tesla. We will address this in the next question.

Do you get discounts at Tesla?

At Tesla there are basically no discounts as is usual in car dealerships. Only with so-called “Inventory Cars” (demonstration cars that are also used for test drives) there are sometimes very good discounts. Especially at the end of the quarter you can make a good deal. Tesla is always trying to increase the number of deliveries towards the end of the quarter and then the vehicles are virtually knocked out. 

Otherwise there is "Referral Program". Every Tesla buyer receives their own referral link. This is always structured in the same way. It starts with the website “http://ts.la/” followed by the first name together with an individual number e.g. “nico66733”. Together it then results in the referral link "http://ts.la/nico66733”. This referral link not only gives the former buyer an advantage, but also you. Each of you will receive 1,500 km of free supercharging. So you can load 1,500 km for free on the SuperCharger. In addition, Tesla owners have the chance to win a Model Y every month and the Roadster every quarter. Tesla owners who are already entitled to free Supercharging will even receive two tickets for the drawing. It is important that you order the Tesla via the referral link that directs you to the order page. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply a code retrospectively or to enter it anywhere in the ordering process. We would of course be very happy if you would use our link for your order and support us with it: http://ts.la/nico66733

When you are ready, you will be guided through the order in 5 steps. 

  1. The first step is about the vehicle and the variants (for Model 3 e.g. Standard Plus, Long Range and Performance). Tesla always shows the change (range, top speed, acceleration 0-100 km / h) directly. 
  2. After that, it's time for the exterior view. In the step, you specify the vehicle paint, the rims and the trailer hitch.
  3. Then it's the turn of the interior. Here you can choose between two variants for Model 3. There are three variants to choose from for the S & X model.
  4. The fourth step is about the autopilot or the full potential for autonomous driving (also referred to as FSD = Full Self Driving)
  5. And here you have already reached the point of payment. In the meantime, an order fee of € 100 is necessary, which is non-refundable. In addition, you have the choice between “bank transfer, private leasing, business leasing and balloon credit”. 

When you have gone through the 5 steps, you will see the well-known hedgehog in the order window.

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