Tesla guide - How do I buy a Tesla?

How do I buy a Tesla?

Anyone who has already taken a closer look at Tesla will quickly realize that Tesla is taking a different and more modern approach in all areas. We would like to make your purchase easier with this guide and answer a few questions in advance. I'm sure everyone has asked themselves the following questions before making a purchase:

  • What should I consider beforehand?
  • Where & how can I order a Tesla?
  • Do I get discounts with Tesla? 

Before you buy a Tesla, you should think about a few things. How much range do I need, do I need a lot of storage space, what comfort should my Tesla offer and how much budget do I have available. 

How much range do I need? You should look at your current driving profile beforehand. Do I only have the car to commute to work or do I drive several hundred kilometers a day? And what about other trips (vacations, family visits, etc.)? However, the range only plays a minimal role with a Tesla. Thanks to the good charging infrastructure in the form of Superchargers, you don't really need to worry about range. Tesla is working hard to constantly expand the Supercharger network.

How much storage space do I need? If you have a larger family (e.g. 2 adults, 3 children), you will need more storage space than a family with one child. At Tesla you currently have a choice of 4 vehicles. You can choose from the following: Model 3 (sedan), Model Y (SUV), Model S (sedan) and the Model X (SUV up to 7 seats). The Model 3 is quite suitable for families with 1-2 children. But if you are looking for more space, the Model Y is the best choice. Thanks to the spacious interior and the large trunk with a large opening, it offers plenty of space for every family. In return, however, a Tesla Model S or X is somewhat more comfortable and offers more space. Ultimately, the question of storage space is very individual, but Tesla offers a suitable solution for everyone. 

What comfort should the Tesla offer? First of all, all Tesla models offer a high level of comfort and equipment. Tesla vehicles offer almost full equipment even in the basic configuration. Electric leather seats, heated front and rear seats, aluminum rims, various cameras and assistance systems are just a small part of Tesla's standard equipment. There are only a few subtle differences, for example between Model 3 and the Model S. The air suspension of the Model S offers a comfort advantage over the Model 3. Otherwise, it's more a question of what you need or don't need. 

However, the budget can be a decisive factor. A Tesla Model 3 or Model Y starts at 42,990 euros in the rear-wheel drive version, a Model Y with a larger battery, for example, starts at 49,990 euros. The larger saloon, such as the Model S, starts at 94,990 euros in the Long Range variant, for example. The large SUV Model X is slightly higher. Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves what they can and want to afford financially.

Now we come to the questions we asked at the beginning. 

Where & how can I order a Tesla? 

If you want to order a Tesla, you basically have two options: You can make the purchase online via the official Tesla website or you can visit a Tesla store near you.

To order online, simply visit the Tesla website. There you can select the model you want: Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y. You then have the option of configuring your vehicle according to your wishes. This includes choosing the color, interior, wheels, range/drive and additional options such as the Enhanced Autopilot or the Full Self-Driving package. Once you have checked your configuration, you enter your personal details and pay a deposit of 250 euros to confirm your order. You then select your preferred payment method - leasing, financing or direct purchase - and complete the required financing details. Finally, you specify the desired delivery center.

If you prefer a personal consultation or would like to experience the vehicle before you buy, you can visit a Tesla Store. You can find the nearest location on the Tesla website. It is advisable to call before your visit and possibly make an appointment, especially if you want to take a test drive. At the store, you can get advice from Tesla employees, get all your questions answered and inspect the vehicles on site. Once you have decided on a vehicle, the staff will help you configure the vehicle and place your order.

To make the comparison easier for you, you can find various comparisons of the individual models or a simple comparison of all models in our guide.

Do you get discounts at Tesla?

With Tesla, you'll find that they have a slightly different approach to selling their vehicles than traditional car manufacturers. Tesla uses a direct sales model, which means that they sell their cars directly to you, without the traditional middleman. This results in fairly fixed pricing, meaning that the price you see on the Tesla website is usually the final price. Negotiations or the usual discounts that you may be familiar with from other car dealerships are rather uncommon at Tesla. As a rule, Tesla offers stock vehicles with discounts on immediately available vehicles in the "Fast Delivery" section. In addition, there are often promotions, such as special interest rates for financing or leasing.

It is quite possible that Tesla will adjust the prices of its vehicles from time to time, e.g. due to the introduction of new models or changes in production strategy. However, these price changes are independent of individual customer negotiations and generally apply to all customers.

You can also use a referral link - including the Tesla referral link from our company to support us. As a buyer, you will then receive 3 months of Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) free of charge and we as referrers will receive so-called credits, which can then be redeemed for free kilometers at the Tesla Supercharger, for example. This will help us to continue to provide you with useful tips and tricks and to produce content for YouTube.

Once you have decided on a model, you will be in 5 steps through the ordering process. 

  1. The first step concerns the vehicle and its variants. For example with the Tesla Model Y (rear-wheel drive, maximum range and performance). Tesla also always shows the modifications directly here (range, top speed, acceleration 0-100 km/h). The estimated delivery time is also displayed before the order is placed. This can vary depending on the model variant and equipment.
  2. The next step is the exterior. In this step, you select the exterior color and the rims. You can also order Tesla Genuine Winter Wheels directly with your order.
  3. Now you get to the interior. Here you can, for example Model Y you can choose between the standard black interior or the white interior, which is available for an extra charge.
  4. The fourth step then deals with the autopilot or the full potential for autonomous driving (often referred to as FSD = Full Self Driving) or Enhanced Autopilot.
  5. The final step is payment. When ordering, a processing fee of €250 is due, which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. You can also choose between "bank transfer, private leasing, business leasing and balloon credit". 
  6. Note: However, you have the option of reclaiming the order fee of €250 by submitting a written withdrawal.

Once you have gone through the 5 steps, you will see the familiar hedgehog in the order window. Congratulations on your Tesla order!

Tesla Hedgehog Order

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