About us

Shop4Tesla was born out of the idea of giving the Tesla Model 3 more opportunities for individualization. Looking for the right products, we ordered some products, but were more often disappointed with the quality and service. In order to save other Tesla drivers this experience, we only sell products that meet our quality requirements.

Since October 2020 we now also have our shop in the city centre of Hamburg where you can come by and try out the products. In addition to our Tesla products, we also sell wallboxes and mobile charging options. In addition, we also advise on all important topics on electric cars and give workshops on electric mobility. Visit us at ElektroHub in Bäckerbreitergang 12 in Hamburg.

Before products end up in our shop, we put them through their paces. The shop is constantly expanding and we are developing new unique products that are only available here. Our goal is for everyone to be able to get even more out of their Tesla.

We currently own several Tesla Model 3s, which we rent in Hamburg via our website Miete-Deinen-Tesla.de. These vehicles are also equipped with our products.