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Shop4Tesla Team | Wer steckt hinter dem Shop & Ratgeber?

Shop4Tesla was born in December 2019 from the idea of ​​giving the Tesla Model 3 more customization options. In search of the right products, we ordered a few products, but were often disappointed with the quality and service. In order to spare other Tesla drivers this experience, we only sell products that meet our quality standards.

We have had our shop in downtown Hamburg since October 2020. Our team now consists of 7 employees. High customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is also reflected in our very good rating on Trustpilot. You are welcome to come by and see and try out the products live. In addition to our Tesla products, we also sell wall boxes and mobile charging options. Visit us at the ElektroHub in Bäckerbreitergang 12 in Hamburg.

​Before products end up in our shop, we put them through their paces. The shop is constantly expanding and we are developing new, unique products that are only available from us. Our goal is for everyone to get even more out of their Tesla. In addition, we are currently doing everything we can to ensure that car accessories are sustainable. We are currently working hard on new products that are not yet available for purchase.

Who is behind the shop & guide?

Nico Pliquett

Founder & CEO

For years he has been testing vehicles from various manufacturers for the "Nico Pliquett DE" YouTube channel. Electric cars were also regularly tested until 2019 when the complete switchover took place. Since then, reports have been exclusively about electromobility. Through the exchange with the customers of our car rentals, we understand the ambiguities and needs of those interested in electronics and can therefore advise more directly.

Nick Hoffmann

Content Manager

Nick has been taking care of all media content at Elektrohub since the beginning. He is also enthusiastic about electromobility and cannot get enough of it. He can live out his passion for film and television production in the Elektrohub. Whether video or photography, Nick just knows how to put us, our services and products in the right focus.

Philip opponent

Product Manager & Client Advisor

Philip originally comes from event technology and has a lot of expertise in electrical engineering. Since he also drives electric scooters and cars privately, he is very familiar with the needs of our customers and can give them the best possible advice. In addition to customer care, Philips takes care of new products in order to constantly expand our shop.

Petar Simeonov

eCommerce Manager

Petar has been dealing with IT for a long time, both in his professional and private life. His passion has always been working and programming with computers. So what could be more obvious than buying a Tesla as an electric car. As an enthusiastic Tesla driver, he quickly became aware of Nico Pliquett. Today he takes care of the e-commerce area and continues to expand it with his know-how.

Nico Hübner

Marketing Manager

Cars have always been Nico's greatest hobby. Through the apprenticeship as a car salesman, the hobby became a profession. He has been enthusiastic about electromobility and the Tesla brand from the very beginning. He became aware of the company when he bought his Tesla and bought the right wall box in our shop. He now takes care of all marketing and social media matters for the Elektrohub with great pleasure.

Nil's Repen

Client Advisor

As a trained automotive salesman, Nils has been involved with cars since the beginning of his career. Nils is most enthusiastic about the new trends in the automotive industry, including electromobility and the Tesla brand, which also became the main part of his bachelor thesis. But not just watching, but also actively participating is his plan. As a client advisor, he takes care of our customers and is happy to advise them on questions and requests.

Aki (Akela)

Agency Dog & Good Vibes Manager

As a security guard, model and Good Vibes Manager, Aki has the most important role in the electric hub. Getting treats and fetching cuddles is part of his daily tasks. Otherwise, he loves to drag his toys through the office, takes care of other dogs that walk past the window or sleeps comfortably while all colleagues are working.