Tesla Advisor - Tesla VIN Assignment and Vessel Tracking

When will I get my VIN for my ordered Tesla and how will my Tesla get to me in the first place? These are questions that probably every Tesla orderer asks after a successful order. Especially here, Tesla has a few special features to keep track of his vehicle a little better. But even here, there are a few special features depending on the model and production location. Basically, it can be said that there are many deliveries in Europe, especially at the end of a quarter. At the beginning of the respective quarter, Tesla produces all the vehicles required for export in order to compensate for transport times and ensure delivery in the respective quarter. At the end of a quarter, Tesla then produces primarily for the respective domestic market.

Tesla Model 3/ Model Y Gigafactory Shanghai

All Tesla Model 3 variants, but also the Model Y with rear-wheel drive are currently coming from the Gigafactory Shanghai. In addition, it may also happen during the transition phase that some Model Y LongRange also come from China. All vehicles from Shanghai come to Europe by ship. The vehicles for Europe arrive either in Koper/Slovenia, Barcelona/Spain or Zeebrugge/Belgium.

Due to the distance to the individual ports, the following approximate transport times result:

Starting port Destination port Transport time
Shanghai / China Koper / Slovenia approx. 23 days
Shanghai / China Barcelona / Spain approx. 24 days
Shanghai / China
Zeebrugge / belgium
approx. 28-30 days


VIN allocation currently takes place mostly between the islands of Taiwan and Sri Lanka. The arrival of the respective ships usually takes place 1-2 days before the start of the delivery period in the Tesla app / account. In the further course, VIN is often visible in the app 7 to 8 days before pick-up date.

Tesla Model S/ Model X Gigafactory Fremont

For more than 2 years now, the first Tesla Model S and Model X are coming back to Europe starting in December 2022. The models for Europe will be brought either in San Francisco with a trip through the Panama Canal or from Fremont by train to Baltimore and then loaded there. The destination is currently Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The transport times are as follows:

 Starting port Destination port Transport time
San Francisco / America Zeebrugge / Belgium approx. 21 days
Baltimore / America Zeebrugge /Belgium approx. 10 days


Currently, VIN assignment already takes place when the Tesla Model S or Model X is already in port in America. The arrival of the respective ships usually takes place 1-2 days before the start of the delivery period in the Tesla app / account. In the further course, VIN is often visible in the app 7 to 8 days before pickup date.

Tesla Model Y Gigafactory Grünheide

Currently, the Tesla Model Y LongRange and the Model Y Performance come from the Gigafactory Grünheide. As things stand, only the colors black and white are produced in Grünheide. Recently, the first models in the color Quicksilver (formerly Midnight Silver Metallic) also appeared. The colors Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Cherry Red will follow later. The Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red colors are exclusive to the models produced in Grünheide. As soon as the ordered Model Y has been manufactured, the VIN will be assigned to the respective purchaser. The time from VIN allocation to delivery is usually between 7-10 days, depending on the location in Germany.

But how do I know which ship my Tesla is on and when the ship will arrive at the corresponding port of destination? First of all, the corresponding delivery period and the VIN allocation are a clue, so that suitable ships can be shortlisted by means of an exclusion procedure. With the shipping companies Höegh and Glovis, it is often possible to have the allocated vehicle tracked on one of the shipping companies' ships after successful VIN allocation. Thus, it can be assigned exactly on which ship your Tesla is located. As another alternative, you can ask the assigned Tesla Sales Advisor when and in which destination port the ordered Tesla should arrive. Please note that questions such as "Which ship exactly will my Tesla arrive on?" will not be answered by the Tesla Sales Advisor.

To keep track of your own Tesla, we generally recommend to have a look at the TFF (Tesla Drivers and Friends) forum. There you can find in the thread "Info about the current Tesla ship tracking" there are almost daily updates about the current Tesla ships which are on their way to Europe. So you have during your waiting time an overview, where your Tesla could be currently. TFF member "Teslanova56" is constantly tracking the ship position there and enters all new and current ship tracking data there almost daily. Please note that all data listed there are without guarantee and can change at any time.

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