Tesla Guide - Comparison of Tesla Model X models

model Model X Maximum Range Plus Model X Performance
Price 90,990€ €107,990
Range (according to WLTP) 561km 548km
Maximum speed 250km/h 261km/h
Acceleration 4.6 sec 2.8 sec
Drive 4WD with dual motor 4WD with dual motor
Premium Interior
included, all black (grained ash wood decorative element) Included, All Black (Carbon Fiber Finishes)
1,600 € surcharge, black/white (ash wood decorative element dark) €1,600 extra charge, black/white (carbon fiber finishers)
€1,600 surcharge, beige (oak finish) €1,600 surcharge, beige (oak finish)
Automatic front doors Haken Haken
Premium audio system - specially designed for the ultra-quiet Tesla interior Haken Haken
Cold weather package with heated seats in all seats, heated steering wheel, wiper deicer
& heated washer nozzles
Haken Haken
HEPA air filter (prevents bacteria, viruses & unpleasant odors from entering the interior) Haken Haken
Premium connectivity (1 year included) Haken Haken
Music and Media via Bluetooth Haken Haken
LED fog lights Haken Haken
Tinted glass roof with UV and infrared protection layer Haken Haken
Power folding, heated side mirrors with auto-dimming Haken Haken
Individual driver profiles Haken Haken
five seater interior including including
six seater interior €6,800 surcharge €6,800 surcharge
Seven-seater interior €3,700 surcharge €3,700 surcharge
Performance optional equipment
Ludicrous Mode Haken
Upgraded interior styling Haken
Premium connectivity 1 year included, then €9.99/month 1 year included, then €9.99/month
Satellite maps with real-time traffic flow display Haken Haken
Internet streaming for music and media Haken Haken
Video streaming Haken Haken
Caraoke Haken Haken
Internet browser Haken Haken
Pearl White Multi Coat including including
Solid Black €1,600 surcharge €1,600 surcharge
Midnight Silver Metallic €1,600 surcharge €1,600 surcharge
Deep Blue Metallic €1,600 surcharge 1.600 € surcharge
Red Multi Coat 2900 € surcharge €2,900 surcharge
20-inch silver rims including including
22-inch rims onyx black €5,800 surcharge €5,800 surcharge
Tires Winter tires €3,400 surcharge Winter tires €3,400 surcharge
Trailer hitch Including Including
Autopilot including including
automatic steering Haken Haken
Accelerations and braking taking into account vehicles and pedestrians in its lane Haken Haken
Full potential for autonomous driving (FSD) Surcharge of €7,500, but can also be booked later, which may be more expensive Surcharge of €7,500, but can also be booked later, which may be more expensive
Navigate with autopilot functionality: automatic driving on motorways from entry to exit including interchanges and overtaking slower vehicles with FSD
with FSD
Lane change assistant: automatically supported lane change on the highway
with FSD
with FSD
Parking automatic: parallel and perpendicular parking
with FSD
with FSD
“Summon”: Auto park & ​​summon vehicle
with FSD
with FSD
Traffic light/stop sign recognition with automatic stop/start
with FSD
with FSD
In the near future: automatic driving in urban areas, extended “Summon” function: your parked vehicle will find you in parking lots and come to you (also called Smart Summon)
with FSD
with FSD
Payment Wire transfer, private lease, business lease, balloon loan Wire transfer, private lease, business lease, balloon loan
Order fee (non-refundable) 100€ 100€