Tesla-Guide -10 hot tips for the summer

The best tips for summer with your Tesla

Summer doesn't just bring sunshine and warm temperatures, it also brings the chance to Tesla in a completely new way. With these tips, you'll be well equipped to maximize your comfort and optimize your vehicle's efficiency.

1. Air conditioning functions and pre-air conditioning

Use the "Planned departure" function to optimize both the charging and pre-conditioning of your Tesla manage both charging and pre-air conditioning. This way, you start every day with a fully charged battery and a pleasant interior temperature. You can find this function in the "Charging" menu on the touchscreen or under "Schedule" in the Tesla app.

2. Cooling with the Tesla app

Activate the air conditioning system at any time and from anywhere via the Tesla app. Tap the fan icon on the home screen of the app or select "Climate" to set the temperature. The air outlets automatically direct the airflow towards the seats so that they feel pleasantly cool.

3. Dog mode

Make sure your dog feels comfortable even at high temperatures. Dog mode maintains the set temperature and displays a message on the touchscreen to let you know that your dog is doing well. Select "Dog" in the "Climate" menu on the touchscreen or "Dog mode" in the Tesla app.

4. Camp mode

Sleep comfortably in the vehicle, regardless of the outside temperature, with Camp mode. This maintains the interior temperature and supplies the USB and 12V sockets with power so that you can charge your devices overnight and play media for hours.

5. Interior overheating protection

Protect your Tesla from overheating by activating the interior overheating protection. This function ensures that the temperature inside the vehicle does not exceed 40°C. Navigate to "Vehicle" > "Safety" > "Interior overheating protection" or expand the climate menu in the Tesla app.

6. Window gap function

Reduce the indoor temperature without consuming energy by opening the windows a crack. This allows hot air to escape and keeps the interior pleasantly cool. Activate this option via the Tesla app under "Climate" > "Gap".

7. Optimal use of the air conditioning

Keep the windows closed and set the air conditioning to "Auto" to maximize efficiency and range. The "Auto" mode automatically adjusts the settings and maintains the desired temperature with minimum energy consumption.

8. Use sun protection

Install sun shades to prevent the interior from heating up due to direct sunlight. This reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system and keeps the interior pleasantly cool. Sun visors are available for the glass roof and tailgate.

9. Summer tires and tire pressure

Use summer tires or all-season tires for the best performance in warm temperatures. Check tread wear and tire pressure regularly, especially in extreme heat. The correct tire pressure improves the efficiency and handling of your vehicle.

10. Loading at home

Leave your Tesla plugged in when you are at home. This way, the power required for pre-air conditioning is drawn from the socket and not from the battery, giving you more range when you set off.

With these tips, you can enjoy the hot summer days to the full and at the same time increase the efficiency of your Tesla maximize the efficiency of your car. Stay cool and drive safely!