Tesla stands for environmentally conscious mobility, is innovative and, with its electric drive, offers a great and almost noiseless driving experience. Tesla uses CO2-neutral electricity as much as possible to produce the vehicles, Tesla Superchargers also charge green electricity and most normal electric charging stations only have electricity from renewable energies.

So why should Tesla Accessories suddenly stop focusing on sustainability? It's different with us! We have made it our mission to become your sustainable shop for all products related to your Tesla.

With Shop4Tesla we strive for a CO2-neutral supply chain and production, so that when buying Tesla accessories you don't have to cut back on environmental protection!

We make sure that our products are produced sustainably and as climate-neutral as possible. When it comes to packaging, we make sure that we don't consume too much unnecessarily and we ship it CO2-neutrally. At ElektroHub, too, we do everything possible to work as sustainably as possible.

The first steps of the mission are being implemented. Unfortunately, some things take some time and it doesn't work overnight. Supply chains need to be checked and production monitored. There are additional costs that have to be financed first. That's why we proceed step by step and with every order our Shop4Tesla becomes more sustainable. Our goal is to be able to manufacture our products ourselves in the EU in the long term. 

We want to implement the following steps in order to permanently fulfill our mission:

  1. CO2-neutral supply chains
    Our production facilities are currently not in the EU. The goods come from Asia by ship or train to our warehouse in Hamburg. A CO2-neutral transport is not possible, but we are already balancing our consumption and buying certificates.
  2. sustainable production
    Production in the factories is not yet carbon-neutral. We are in the process of calculating the energy requirement and plan to offset the CO2 consumption. This is step 2a. In step 2b, we convince the factories to use green electricity directly and to use sustainable materials.
  3. Own production in the EU
    Since no CO2 can be saved in the long term in transport and compensation is also not the real solution, we want to offer our own products from the EU in the long term. The advantages are obvious, we have full control over production and supply chains.

Even if the current orders are only partially sustainable, every single order helps us to produce future products in a more environmentally friendly way. We ask for your understanding that we cannot implement this challenge overnight, as we can only finance the implementation from our cash flow. We are grateful for every order and we work hard to achieve our goal!

Since climate protection is also important to us, we want to expand our mission by advocating climate protection. You can actively support us so that a change becomes noticeable.

For every future order in Shop4Tesla, we will donate to a climate protection project at “atmosfair”. 

  • We donate a flat rate of 1 euro for every order.
  • For orders over 250 euros we donate 3 euros.
  • If the order is even over 1,000 euros, we will donate 10 euros.

With every order, you also contribute to climate protection.