our mission

Klimaneutrales unternehmen

Tesla stands for environmentally friendly mobility, is innovative and offers a great and almost noiseless driving experience with the electric drive. For the production of the vehicles, Tesla uses CO2-neutral electricity as far as possible, green electricity is also charged at Tesla Superchargers and most normal electric charging stations only use electricity from renewable energies.

Why should Tesla accessories suddenly no longer focus on sustainability? It's different with us! We have made it our mission to become your sustainable shop for all Tesla-related products.

With our online shop Shop4Tesla, we strive for a CO2-neutral supply chain and production, so that you don't have to compromise on environmental protection when buying Tesla accessories!

We make sure that our products are produced sustainably and as climate-neutrally as possible. When it comes to packaging, we make sure not to use too much unnecessarily and send our packages CO2-neutral. In the ElektroHub, too, we do everything we can to work as sustainably as possible. As Elektrohub, we have decided to offset the CO2 emissions we cause and to have ourselves certified. This means that we are considered a climate-neutral company. With our compensation we support the reduction of smoke emissions in Kenya. You can reduce this by manufacturing and distributing new cooking stoves. These cooking stoves work much more efficiently compared to the cooking stoves normally used there. Accordingly, the consumption of the required charcoal decreases and the deforestation is reduced.

With our brand 2befair we are now taking the next step. Our 2befair brand stands for sustainable and fairly produced accessories. In addition, with articles from the 2befair brand, we ensure that production is as regional as possible, transparency and the highest quality. We will continue to expand our 2befair brand in the future and offer you even more sustainable Tesla accessories.

Even if not all of our products are produced sustainably, every single order helps us to produce future products in a more environmentally friendly way. We ask for your understanding that we cannot implement this challenge overnight, as we can only finance the implementation from our cash flow. We are grateful for every order, because we work hard to reach our goal!

Let's do everything possible to think fairly and sustainably together! True to the motto: Let's change it together!