Tesla guide - How to camp in a Tesla

The special feature of the Tesla is the integrated camping mode, which every Tesla has. When activated, this controls the interior lighting, temperature and ventilation in the interior and ensures that both the 12V socket (cigarette lighter) and the USB-C ports continue to be supplied with power. This has the great advantage that electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or even a portable coffee machine can be easily charged/operated via the Tesla's own on-board power supply. A particular highlight of the Tesla is the large panoramic roof. Especially in the evening before going to sleep, you can watch one or two stars in the sky.

Thanks to the continuous interior ventilation, fresh, clear and, if necessary, warm/cold air constantly enters the vehicle interior when camping mode is activated. Depending on the location, it can cool down considerably, especially at night. The ventilation then ensures the right feel-good temperature. It also prevents condensation from forming on the side windows of the Tesla. The Tesla app can be used at any time to adjust the temperature in the interior, control the lighting and monitor the battery charge level.

The Tesla Model Y offers a unique camping experience thanks to the generous amount of space in the interior and the wide-opening tailgate. To round off the camping experience and ensure a perfect night's sleep, we recommend our 2befair camping mattress, which is specially designed for the Tesla Model Y was developed. The upper element of the mattress is fitted with a specially manufactured wooden plate. This allows the mattress to protrude stably over the passenger's footwell and increases the lying surface to 192 cm. The robust cold foam mattress ensures perfect sleeping comfort. The cover of our 2befair camping mattress can be zipped off and washed at any time if necessary. 

But of course the Tesla Model 3 is also ideal for camping. However, the rigid parcel shelf means that the space available is somewhat limited. The 2befair camping mattress also fits in the Tesla Model 3. Due to the slight lateral elevation in the trunk of the Tesla Model 3 there may be a slight loss of comfort when lying down. If you prefer a slightly darker interior or want to protect the interior from prying eyes, we recommend sun and privacy protection for the rear, side and front windows as well as for the panoramic roof. You can find these in our online store for the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

Overview of our products that we recommend for camping in the Tesla:

2befair camping mattress

Model 3 Windshield sun and privacy protection

Model Y  Windshield sun and privacy protection

Model 3 Side/rear windows Sun and privacy protection

Model Y Side/rear windows Sun and privacy protection

Model 3 Panoramic roof Sun/visual protection

Model Y Panoramic roof sun/visual protection

We also recommend charging the Tesla before camping so that you can easily drive to the nearest charging station after camping. Consumption can vary depending on the weather and temperature. When camping in spring or fall, the ventilation to heat up the interior consumes a higher percentage than when the vehicle is cooled down in summer. On average, night-time losses fluctuate between 8 and 13 percent. With a sufficient load, it is therefore no problem to camp for several nights. In severe sub-zero temperatures in winter, overnight consumption can rise to up to 20 percent. 

If you get a little bored while camping or the weather doesn't play along, Tesla offers plenty of entertainment with its own games or apps such as Netflix and YouTube. You don't have to miss out on an episode of your favorite Netflix series before going to sleep, even when camping.

If you are looking for suitable pitches for camping in your Tesla, we recommend the app Stellplatz-Radar or park4night. Here you will find various pitches within your search radius, ideally with pictures and reviews from other campers.


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