Tesla guide - checklist for collection

What should you consider when collecting your Tesla?

Your Tesla has been ordered and the anticipation is building. It's best to prepare for delivery a few days in advance. Clarify the last things such as insurance, license plate reservation and order and also order some accessories from us, which we will send you in good time so that the collection is a complete success. Don't forget to order a charging card (Shell ReCharge, EnBW, Maingau or similar) in case there is no Supercharger nearby. 

On the day of delivery, check again with Tesla whether the car is actually on site. It has happened in the past that the car was not ready for delivery as agreed. Then pack all the papers (registration, confirmation of payment), license plate, driver's license, vehicle documents and your matching Tesla accessories from Shop4Tesla and off you go. 

As the vehicle has been on a long journey, it can sometimes happen that transport damage occurs or that accessories are forgotten. It therefore makes sense to check your Tesla briefly but thoroughly before you pick it up. Damage to the paintwork or missing accessories in particular cannot be easily claimed for later. So that you don't forget the most important points, we provide you with a checklist that you can also here here. On another page you will find the most important Settings after collection.



  • Does the chassis number (VIN) match between the papers, the vehicle and the app?
  • Are the registration certificates part 1 and 2 and the CoC papers available? CoC stands for "Certificate of Conformity". The German CoC usually reads "EG-Übereinstimmungsbescheinigung". This document ensures that the car complies with EU standards, i.e. that it has EU type approval.
  • Do the license plates (front and rear) match the documents?
  • Does the color of your Tesla match the color you ordered (interior and exterior)? 
  • Are 2 key cards included and do they work?
  • Green sticker is present and affixed



  • Tesla Mobile Connector incl. Schuko and CCE adapter (blue) in carrying bag included?
  • Charging cable for public charging station (type 2 charging cable) available?
  • Manual and instructions (in glove compartment) available?
  • Ordered accessories (winter tires, rims, AERO caps, etc.) included?
  • Warning triangle and first aid kit included?


Exterior view

  • Check the paintwork completely for scratches, dents and blisters or paint noses
  • Check frunk (hood) gap dimensions
  • Open the frunk, check the paintwork and plastic parts and check whether a frunk mat is present
  • Check the frunk for moisture, including under the mat
  • Check doors individually, check function of handles and for damage
  • Check the rubber seals on the doors and trunk for proper fit
  • Check the paint on the concealed areas of the doors
  • Check the trunk for moisture, including under the cover
  • Open and close the trunk and check the fit of the trunk lid, it may be bumping against something
  • Check rim size and type
  • Check the rims for damage - also under the AERO cover
  • Check tire size and type with order
  • Check wheel arches for damage
  • Try out headlights, check for damage and check for condensation (wetness)
  • Light test (brake lights, indicators, etc.)
  • Charge port can be opened and closed, is flush and has CCS charging port
  • Check glass roof & windows for damage
  • Check exterior mirrors for damage/paint defects
  • On the Performance model: Is the carbon spoiler properly bonded?



  • Check display for function, image errors/pixel errors
  • Register phone as key
  • SOS button available (top next to hazard warning lights, only in older models)
  • Test functions via smartphone (opening/closing, preheating)
  • Exterior mirrors can be adjusted, folded in and out
  • Seats and steering wheel can be adjusted electrically
  • Test the charging function, if possible


Interior equipment

  • Check window moldings for scratches and gaps
  • Check seats for damage and defective seams
  • Check seat heaters for function (also on the rear seats if necessary)
  • Check steering wheel heating
  • Fold the seats down and back and listen for noises
  • Check the trunk for damage
  • Roll the windows up and down and listen for noises
  • Turn the heating up fully and check whether air is coming out of all outlets, including the rear
  • Check all interior lights for function (trunk, glove compartment, center console and frunk)
  • Check telephone cable
  • Check all 4 USB ports (2 front, 2 rear)
  • Does the 12V connection work? It is best to take something with you to test this
  • Test the reversing camera
  • All loudspeakers work and are present (15 with Premium equipment)
  • Check internet connection
  • Check center console and steering wheel for damage/scratches
  • Check door panels for damage and correct fittings
  • Check dashboard for damage and gaps
  • Check steering wheel buttons for function
  • Glove compartment can be opened
  • All doors can be opened and the front doors can be opened with the manual unlocking (lower button)
  • with premium interior: all floor mats are present and not damaged
  • Sit on every seat! This gives you a view from every perspective and allows you to see more than just from the driver's perspective

Once you have checked everything and hopefully found few defects, we wish you lots of fun with your new Tesla and a safe journey at all times!

And here's an extra tip for you:

For your Tesla (any electric car) you can use the so-called GHG quota for your Tesla (any electric car). Here you receive an annual payment for your Tesla. 

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