Tesla-Guide - How do I set up lock sounds for my Tesla set?

With the "Holiday Update Tesla introduced an exciting new function: The ability to change the vehicle's "lock sound". Normally, this locking sound is the horn that sounds when the vehicle is locked and all indicators light up briefly. Thanks to the 2023.44.30 software update Tesla-owners can now replace this horn with any short sound effect. In this article you will learn everything about the Tesla Lock Sound and where you can find the corresponding sounds.

Which Tesla models support this function?

The minimum requirement for using this new function is vehicle software version 2023.44.30. The vehicle must also be equipped with the pedestrian warning system (PWS). This AVAS function (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) with loudspeaker must be Tesla installed in new cars since around the end of 2019. In vehicles from September 1, 2020, this system is definitely installed everywhere. A Tesla, that has the pedestrian warning system makes an audible sound when driving below 32 km/h.

How can I change the lock sound?

To use your own lock sound, you need a WAV sound file that you can transfer to your computer via a USB stick. Tesla via a USB stick. Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Preparation of the sound file:
    • The file must LockChime.wav and must not be saved in a subfolder on the stick.
    • The file must not be larger than 1 MB.
  2. Installation in Tesla:
    • Insert the USB stick into your Tesla.
    • In the vehicle settings, go to Toy box > Boombox > Locking sound and select "USB" to activate the new locking sound.

Where can I find sound files for the lock sound?

There are many free sound files on the Internet that you can download as Tesla-locking sound. Here are some good sources:

With this information you can give your Tesla a unique locking sound and make your ride even more fun! Have fun personalizing your Tesla lock sound!