Tesla guide - The best tips & tricks for your Tesla

Tips and tricks to make your life with the Tesla easier!

We have created a remake of our tips & tricks for you and hope to be able to help you with this. Especially with Tesla, there are many little tips and tricks that you won't find in the manual.

  1. Active autopilot:

    To prevent the autopilot from automatically deactivating again, you should move the steering wheel slightly from time to time. Alternatively, you can also scroll or press one of the scroll wheels to keep the autopilot active.

  2. Adopt current speed:

    Press the gear selector lever down for approx. 3 seconds and the current speed will be adopted.

  3. Windshield wiper setting:

    You can press the side button on the blinker lever halfway, then the setting options for wiper operation will appear in the display.

  4. Deactivate seat heaters:

    You can quickly switch off all seat heaters via the Tesla app. Simply press and hold the driver's seat in the Tesla app until all seat heaters are switched off.

  5. Climate and heating settings:

    The Tesla app can be used to activate and deactivate not only the air conditioning or heating, but also the seat and steering wheel heating.

  6. Climate menu:

    If you swipe up from the black bar at the bottom of the display, the climate menu opens. It doesn't matter where you swipe, this is particularly practical while driving when you need to be quick.

  7. Auto mode for the seat heating:

    There is now an auto mode for the seat heating via the climate menu. Your Tesla automatically adjusts the temperature of the heated front seats up and down depending on the temperature.

  8. Leather care:

    It is important to care for and clean the leather. White leather in particular should be cared for regularly. The best way to do this is with a special cleaning agent and the corresponding sealant. An appropriate care set can be found in our store.

  9. Battery level (kilometers/percent):

    By tapping on the range at the top of the display, you can change the display from remaining range in kilometers to the current battery level in percent. Of course, you can also do this the other way round by tapping again.

  10. Save dashcam recording:

    If you want to save a dashcam event quickly, you can save the last few minutes before the horn sounded by briefly tapping the horn.

  11. Live camera:

    A live image from the four cameras can be displayed via the Tesla app. This is a new function in addition to the familiar watchdog mode, so that you have an even better overview of all events.

  12. Charging port opening:

    Gently pressing the back of the rear door handle unlocks the fast-charging port. (Tried out on the Supercharger)

  13. Correct charging limit:

    The usual tip for correct charging is to charge in the range between 20 and 80%. Of course, you can also charge to 100% directly before a long highway trip. It is important never to leave the Tesla at 100% for any length of time. It is recommended to charge to 80% before a longer absence.

  14. Car wash mode:

    A car wash mode has recently been introduced. The Tesla must be in P, then click on Service and then activate the car wash mode.

  15. Switch between "Drive" and "Reverse":

    Up to a speed of approx. 8 km/h, you can switch back and forth between "Drive" and "Reverse". This allows you to turn quickly on the road, for example.

  16. Rider profiles:

    Create a driver profile for each person who has regular access to your Tesla. This way, each setting is adapted to the corresponding driver. The Easy Entry profile is also important for easy entry and exit.

  17. Power consumption:

    If you want to display all consumption at a glance, go to the Trips tab via the Home button. Here your Tesla will show you all the important information at a glance.

  18. Jacking record:

    Before lifting the Tesla with a jack, you should take a look at this jack pads buy. This will allow you to lift your Tesla safely at the designated points and prevent damage to the battery.

  19. Navigation:

    A selected address on your cell phone can be sent directly to the Tesla via Google Maps. This also works with addresses that are saved under a contact on your cell phone.

  20. 12 Volt connection:

    There is a 12-volt connection under the center armrest in the storage compartment. You can connect a cool box here, for example.

  21. Parking brake:

    Pressing and holding the parking brake activates the "strong parking brake" mode. If you park your Tesla on a steep incline, for example, you should activate this.

  22. Short Cuts:

    Up to 4 short cuts can be added as in the lower area of your display. This means you always have quick access to the relevant areas.

  23. Camp-Mode / Dog-Mode: Would you like to camp in the Tesla? Then you should activate camp mode. During this time, the Tesla activates the ventilation to maintain the temperature. You can also play music, supply devices with power or switch on the interior lighting as required. Dog mode ensures that the interior is still air-conditioned when the vehicle is closed so that your dog can stay in the car and relax. You can activate the corresponding mode via the ventilation menu on the right-hand side. As soon as you lock the vehicle, the dog mode is activated and the following message appears on the display: "My owner will be back soon. Don't worry, the A/C is switched on and it's 21 degrees". We recommend that you always switch on the mode if your dog has to wait in the car. Activating the dog mode switches off the interior monitoring and prevents unwanted alarms. 
    In midsummer, leaving your dog behind is not a permanent solution. At high temperatures and in direct sunlight, your Tesla will still heat up. 
  24. Joe Mode:

    This mode is responsible for controlling the volume of the signal & warning sounds. This can be useful if you have children on board who may be asleep. You can activate this mode in the menu under Safety, scroll down until you find Joe Mode and activate it by tapping on it. This will turn down all signal and warning sounds.

  25. Soft reset / hard reset:

    If, for example, the display "freezes" and no longer shows anything, you can also restart the display while driving. The driving functions will continue to work, but unfortunately you will not be able to see how fast you are driving. In the best case, pull over briefly to the side to carry out the rest. To perform the reset, press and hold both scroll wheels on the steering wheel at the same time. The display will then briefly go black, after which the Tesla "T" will appear and the display will restart. Hard reset: The hard reset basically resets the car. This actually only works when the car is stationary. To do this, you must hold down both scroll wheels and press the brake pedal. The display then briefly goes black, the Tesla "T" appears and then the display restarts. Then everything is reset once and you can continue your journey as usual.

  26. Complete the process correctly:

    Always switch off the Bluetooth in your cell phone if you leave it in the car. Otherwise your Tesla will be left open the whole time, as it thinks the key is in the car. Even if you lock the car with the key card, the doors can still be opened.

  27. Power indicator:

    This is displayed as a bar above the speed. When you step on the gas pedal, a small bar moves to the right. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator, it also shows the recuperation as a green bar.

  28. Windshield wiper:

    Have you ever wondered how to get to the windshield wiper blades? The windshield wipers are so far down that you bump into the front hood when you lift them. To get good access to the windshield wipers, go to "Service" in the menu and set the "Windshield wiper service mode". The windshield wipers are then automatically "raised" and you can easily reach the wiper blades.

  29. Show browser in full screen: 

    Have you noticed that the browser is no longer displayed in full screen? We have a real hack for you. Open the YouTube app and go down to Settings on the left-hand side. You don't need to log in there, just click on Privacy. At the top right you will then have the pins for all Google services, including Google Search. Here you have access to all websites.

Special tip: For each electric car you can use the so-called GHG quota can be redeemed. Here you receive an annual amount per electric car. 

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Of course, we have also summarized all tips & tricks in a video for you. Have fun watching it!