Tesla Advisor - Features in the Tesla App

With this overview we would like to show you which functions the Tesla App offers you. This guide is particularly useful for people who are waiting for their Tesla and would like to deal with it. But maybe we also have some information for one or the other Tesla owner that is not yet known. The Tesla app is really self-explanatory and simply developed.

Rough settings within the app:

First you can give a Tesla a name, here you can of course let off steam creatively. Under the vehicle name you will then find the current battery status in kilometers or percentage. With a quick tap you can jump back and forth between the units. Below you can see the visual representation of your Tesla. Every detail is really shown here. You can see whether your vehicle is moving, whether all windows are closed or where air is escaping. With the respective shortcuts you can easily open/close your Tesla, adjust the air conditioning, make charging settings and open the Frunk. Also, while the Tesla is moving, you can change the song or make the music louder and quieter.

Now we come to the other individual vehicle settings.

Menu item Vehicle:

Here you can easily open and close the vehicle, the frunk, the trunk and the charging port. You can also activate the headlight flasher and horn here, start the Tesla remotely and open the windows a little for ventilation.

Climate menu item:

In this menu item you can activate/deactivate the individual seat heating and steering wheel heating. Below you will see the current indoor and outdoor temperature. If the interior is too warm or cold before starting the journey, the Tesla can be brought to the desired interior temperature. The windows can also be opened a crack here. Of course you can use this to de-ice the Tesla for the winter or set an interior overheating protection for the summer. A new addition is the activation/deactivation of the dog and camp mode via the app. If you own one of the new models, you can also set the bioweapon protection mode via the app.

Menu item Location:

Here you can follow live where your Tesla is at any time. Nearby Superchargers are displayed in the overview. By clicking on the Supercharger you can quickly see how busy it is at the moment. To navigate there directly, you can send the address to your Tesla via the app.

Menu item Schedule:

You want an air-conditioned and fully loaded car for departure? In this menu item you can easily save your desired departure times. In addition, you can plan the charging process and activate the item Off-peak charging to reduce energy costs.

Security menu item:

You can give every other driver authorization for your Tesla via this point and have an overview of who currently has access. If you want to restrict certain drivers, you can set a speed limit for your Tesla or restrict vehicle access. In addition, you can use the sentry mode to control individual cameras and get a live picture of the environment.

Load data menu item:

For a perfect overview of your charging processes and the costs, you will receive a chart of your charging processes of the last 31 days under this point. This also gives you a quick overview of how many kilowatts you have charged at the Supercharger, at home or at other charging stations.The fuel cost savings and the average costs per kWh are included in the overview. The costs per kWh can be set variably.

Upgrades menu item:

Upgrades, such as full potential for autonomous driving, can be easily bought later using an app. You can also find accessories for your Tesla here. However, we recommend taking a look at our online shop.

Service menu item:

Your Tesla has to go to the workshop? Simply book your appointment in the app. Don't worry, Tesla will guide you step by step through the menu with specific questions. In the first step you can roughly select what should be done. For example, the windshield needs to be changed. You first select the glass item. You can then choose which pane on the Tesla is affected. You then choose the right disc and can briefly describe what happened and what needs to be done. For a better overview, you can also upload photos of the affected area. You will then be shown whether your Tesla needs to be taken to the service center or whether the Mobile Tesla Service will come to you. You can then choose a suitable date and you're done. Of course, you can also display the complete vehicle history and old invoices here. If you have any questions about your Tesla, you can read the manual or watch video instructions.

Under this menu item you will see the exact model description, the current mileage, the chassis number and details about the equipment and warranty of your Tesla.

For better illustration, you can find our explanatory video for the Tesla app on YouTube.