Tesla guide - Tesla Vison parking aid "High Fidelity Parking Assistant"

Tesla recently unveiled its visionary High Fidelity Park Assist system, which makes parking easier for the driver through a combination of cameras located around the vehicle and intelligent software. This innovative system was developed after Tesla decided to introduce parking assistance first on the Model 3 and Model Y and later the Model S and Model X to dispense with the familiar ultrasonic sensors. 

The High Fidelity Park Assist system warns the driver not only visually but also acoustically of objects in the vicinity of the vehicle. It uses advanced technologies such as the "Occupancy Network" to precisely predict high-resolution contours of objects in the vicinity. Although functions such as Autopark or summoning the vehicle are not initially activated, the system gives the driver back the functionality of a parking aid by displaying the distance to various objects while parking.

The "2023 Tesla Holiday Update" introduced the High Fidelity Park Assist function, which provides a 3D vector space reconstruction of the vehicle's surroundings. This feature provides an impressive "bird's eye view" of the vehicle's surroundings, which is particularly helpful when parking in tight or crowded spaces. Compared to ultrasonic sensors, even more vehicles in the vicinity are now detected and shown on the display, giving the driver an even more comprehensive picture of their surroundings.

It is important to understand that the distance to objects is no longer displayed in centimetres as usual, but in colors. The closer you get to an object, the color gradient of the object changes from the original gray to yellow and orange to red. Finally, the signal word "STOP" appears when you are very close to the object. The new system can also detect kerbs next to the vehicle and displays them visually on the screen. This is particularly helpful when parking to minimize or prevent damage to the rims. This visual feedback makes it easier for the driver to quickly and intuitively assess the distance to obstacles without having to rely on numerical measurements. In addition, the new parking aid can better display and recognize lanterns, walls and even people.  

Another new feature is the display of the height profile in the immediate vicinity. This means that not only obstacles at eye level can be better recognized, but also those at different heights. This makes parking in complex environments such as narrow parking garages or inner-city areas much easier.

In the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y the surroundings around the vehicle can be displayed in all relevant directions using High Fidelity Park Assist when the parking aid is activated and the corresponding visualization is active. To do this, you can simply swipe over the vehicle with two fingers, turn it or zoom in and out. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the Tesla Model S and Model X, as the display is shown on the driver display behind the steering wheel and is not a touchscreen.