Tesla light spectacle

With the Christmas 2021 update, Tesla introduced the light show (aka Tesla LightShow) in their electric cars. The light show lights up all the lights on your Tesla to the music and even opens the trunk and windows. All Tesla Model 3 and Model Y can activate this function via the toy box and the new Model S and Model X (probably from 2022 in Europe) also offer the possibility. The light show really offers an impressive picture of what Tesla can do with software updates. In addition to the standard show, Tesla also offers the option of creating your own shows. With this page we want to give you the opportunity to test many different light shows or to make your own available to other Tesla drivers.
Requirements for your car:
model 3
Model Y
Model X (2021+)
Model S (2021+)
Software Version: v11.0 (2021.44.25) or newer
Requirements for the USB stick:
Format to exFAT, FAT 32 (for Windows),
MS-DOS FAT (for Mac), ext3 or ext4.

The USB stick MUST be empty and must not contain any other files or folders!


1. After the USB stick is formatted and empty, you can download a light show.
2. Extract the LightShow.zip archive.
3. Copy the extracted folder to your USB stick.
4. You can start the show in the games box under light show.



Shop4tesla countdown show for the turn of the year. It is best to close the door of your Tesla at exactly 11:58:55 p.m. so that the fireworks can be seen at exactly 12:00 a.m.!

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Did you also do a light show?

Then send it to us and we'll show it to everyone!

Simply archive the folder in .zip format and send it to us. petar@elektrohub.de