This product is NOT suitable for the Tesla Model Y (SUV).

It fits exclusively in the Tesla Model 3.

The right product for the Model Y you find here.

2befair rubber mat set interior for the Tesla Model 3

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  • 30% Recycled material
  • 10 years warranty
  • 100% recyclable
  • Abrasion resistant and very robust
  • Comprehensive protection against moisture and dirt
  • Precise fit & high wall design
  • Odorless, non-slip & waterproof, easy to clean
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Our 2befair rubber mat set offers you comprehensive protection for your Tesla Model 3. We have deliberately chosen high-walled shell mats with rubber coating. They protect the footwell of your Tesla Model 3 especially against dirt & moisture and are easy to clean due to the coating.No fear of chemical odors, our rubber mats are odorless. Thanks to the exact fit, our rubber mats are non-slip and close flush.

This set includes the rubber mats for the front + rear footwell.The floor mat for the rear seats consists of two parts, which are laid seamlessly over each other in the middle. This makes it easier to put in the car and when you take it out, dirt does not fall so easily into the footwell. Due to the raised but visually integrated transition, the rubber mats remain waterproof even during normal use.

We pay great attention to the high quality of workmanship and can thereby on our rubber mats 10 years warranty! But not only that is a decisive advantage for our 2befair rubber mats, but we have our all-weather mats for your Tesla produced in Germany. This way, we reduce CO2 emissions not only in production, but also during transport and ensure fair production. A large part of the work on the mats is still done by hand and thus secures jobs. But that's not all, our 2befair rubber mats already consist of 30% recycled material. In the future, we will do everything we can to significantly increase the amount of recycled material.

As material we do not use rubber/rubber, but PP with TPE coating. This gives us a very robust material, which we can guarantee for 10 years, does not smell and is also recyclable. Nevertheless, our mats have a rubber-like feel and are also very slip-resistant. We have therefore nevertheless decided to call the mats "rubber mats", as this is the most common term for footwell and trunk mats for the car and the properties of our mats correspond to those of rubber mats with the previously mentioned optimizations.

The 2befair rubber mats were developed with the aim of combining sustainability and quality. Thus, they are characterized by their 100% recyclability, which means that they can be fully recycled at the end of their life.

In addition, our rubber mats are free from harmful ingredients such as cadmium, lead, Katex and PVC. We take great care to ensure that our products meet the highest environmental and health standards. By eliminating these harmful substances, we help minimize the impact on people and the environment.

Flammability: Meets FMVSS 302/ISO 3795, no flammability.
Composition: Meets TSZ0001G, no prohibited substances.

Our brand 2befair stands for sustainably and at the same time fairly produced accessories for electric cars. Furthermore, we pay a lot of attention to an extraordinary good quality and transparency of our 2befair products at our producers. To prevent long delivery routes and thus unnecessary CO2 emissions, our products are produced as regionally as possible. We inform you about the exact country of origin in the respective product, because transparency is very important for us.

For example, we have already been able to switch one of our most important products, rubber mats, to sustainable production in Germany. In addition, our 2befair rubber mats already consist of 30% recycled material. Basically, we pay attention to a high percentage of recycled material in our 2befair products or see that the material is biologically produced and also degradable. We are constantly doing everything we can to convert more products from our online store to sustainably and fairly produced products. In our 2befair product category you can already find a selection of different products.

In the future, many more products will follow under the 2befair brand. Our goal is to further expand the accessories market and to change it in a sustainable way! With our brand 2befair we give you our brand promise! Let's do everything possible to think fair and sustainable together! For our environment!

For more information feel free to visit our website 2befair, the brand for sustainable car accessories. We are looking forward to your visit!

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