Fundraising campaign for SOS Children's Villages

Final donation amount: 12.254€ - collected between 16.11.2023 and 26.12.2023. Thank you very much for your support!

We are delighted that our fundraising campaign from Black Friday to Christmas was a complete success. The purchases made during this period raised a considerable amount of money, which we were able to transfer to the SOS Children's Villages organization to make a joint contribution to helping children and families in need. We have summarized all the questions and answers about our fundraising campaign on this page. We are delighted that together we were able to make such a positive difference and improve the lives of many children in the long term.

How high are the donation amounts?

Our donation depends on the order value. We donate €1 for every order up to €149.99, so that every purchase can make a positive contribution to our fundraising campaign. From an order value of 150€, the donation increases to 5€ and from an order value of 300€ even to 10€ per order.

What happens if the donation target is reached early?

We will of course continue our fundraising efforts even if the original donation target is reached prematurely. Our commitment to the SOS Children's Villages organization goes beyond set targets and we are prepared to react flexibly in order to achieve the greatest possible positive impact. In this case, we will adjust the donation target individually and ensure that all additional donations collected by December 26, 2023 are effectively used for charitable purposes. We will inform you about any adjustments to the donation target or further details on our website and keep you constantly updated.

Why do we donate?

With the start of our Black Friday week, we at Shop4Tesla are not only focusing on generous discounts, but also on social responsibility. Our aim is not only to offer attractive discounts, but also to make a positive contribution to children in need. We are proud to use a portion of our proceeds for charity and donate to the SOS Children's Villages organization to do good and help where it is needed!

Who will benefit from the donation?

The donations collected will benefit the SOS Children's Villages organization. SOS Children's Villages plays a central role when it comes to giving disadvantaged children around the world a perspective. Our fundraising campaign supports the organization's diverse programmes, which improve the lives of children and their families in the long term. Our donations help to improve the living conditions of families in the long term. The SOS Children's Villages organization is already represented at 254 locations in Germany with a total of 38 facilities. This covers a broad spectrum of 800 different services aimed specifically at children, young people and families in difficult life situations. SOS Children's Villages offers a wide range of support services, from day care centers to outpatient help and inpatient care.

Every year, the SOS Children's Villages organization records an impressive 1.6 million visits to its open services and advice centres. This reflects the high demand for the services and underlines the important role that SOS Children's Villages plays in supporting families and young people. With these diverse measures, the organization helps to improve living conditions, create prospects and build a strong community for those who need it most.

Wo bekomme ich mehr Information zur Arbeit der Organisation SOS-Kinderdorf?

Weitere Informationen über die Arbeit von SOS-Kinderdorf findest du auf der offiziellen Website. Dort erfährst du mehr über ihre Mission, ihre Projekte und wie sie benachteiligten Kindern und Familien weltweit helfen.

What is the donation period?

We have been collecting donations since the beginning of Black Friday week on November 17, 2023, but we would like to emphasize that our commitment is not limited to this week. Our commitment extends until 26 December 2023, which means that every order placed during this period will contribute to our donations to the SOS Children's Villages organization. We want our customers to have the opportunity not only to benefit from attractive offers, but also to actively do good and support children in need. Therefore, we encourage everyone to continue shopping with us after Black Friday week until December 26, 2023, to create a lasting positive impact together.

How much has already been donated?

To ensure that the money can do good just in time for Christmas, we have decided on an immediate donation of 4,000 euros. With this amount, we can have a positive impact on the help provided by SOS Children's Villages at an early stage. In addition, we plan to transfer further donations in steps of 2,000 euros depending on the progress of the donation. To ensure transparency, we provide regular updates on the current donation status. This information can be viewed on our website to see how much has already been donated and how far we are from our initial target.

As a further sign of our transparency, we have put the corresponding thank-you certificates online. These are of course also available for download so that you can see at any time how and where the donations have gone. We are grateful for your support. Together we can make a positive difference during this special time.

Current donation status to SOS-Kinderdorf

With this donation overview, we would like to keep you transparently up to date on how much money we have already been able to donate to the SOS Children's Villages organization through our numerous purchases. We currently expect to raise around 15,000 euros by 26.12.23 - of course we hope to exceed this target.

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