Get up to 458 euros worth of goods or 333 euros with your Tesla!

THG Quote eintauschen

You want to redeem the GHG quota of your Tesla (Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X) at Shop4Tesla, then you can choose between two options on this page:

  • Option 1: You have our GHG quota package with a goods value of 447.90 euros or 458.00 euros (retail price 399 euros) Bought. After successful marketing, we will guaranteed refund the amount you paid to the specified account. This way you get the maximum out of your GHG quota!

  • Option 2: You redeem your GHG quota in our Shop4Tesla for 333 euros. After successful marketing, you will receive a guaranteed payment of 300 euros to the account you specified. You will receive the remaining 33 euros as a Shop4Tesla voucher. You can also do something good for your Tesla and equip it with great accessories.

But what is the GHG quota anyway?

The greenhouse gas reduction quota is a climate protection instrument to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in the transport sector. Companies such as mineral oil companies that put fossil fuels (such as diesel or petrol) into circulation and thus make a significant contribution to CO2 emissions are obliged by the THQ quota to reduce their emissions by a fixed percentage every year. Failure to comply with this quota will result in a penalty payment for each tonne of CO2 not complied with. You can find more information on the legal basis and implementation of the GHG quota on the website of the Environmental Agency.

How do I redeem my GHG quota?

Please fill out the following form. You need the vehicle registration document for your electric car. If you choose option 1, please first buy the essential set for Model 3 or for Model Y in our shop. You can also do this before your delivery, so that you can equip your Tesla right from the start. As soon as you have the vehicle registration document, you can fill out the form here. Please only use one e-mail address for both, as we can only transfer you the 399 euros if we can also find an order with the same e-mail address (the payment will be made after the cancellation period has expired at the earliest). If we don't find an order from our package with the e-mail address, we'll transfer you 300 euros and send you the voucher by e-mail.

This is not an annual subscription. You can redeem the GHG quota again next year with us or with another provider.

Due to the increased number of certificates submitted to the KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority), the payment from the KBA can currently take up to 6 months. We ask for your understanding!

If you have any questions about redeeming your GHG quota, please send us an mail or give us a call. We'll help you!

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