Tesla Guide: Tips, tricks and comprehensive practical knowledge for Tesla-drivers and all those who want to become one

Welcome to the Tesla-guide from Shop4Tesla!

Here you will find comprehensive support for buying, owning and making the most of your Tesla. Our aim is to provide both Tesla-enthusiasts and newcomers alike with a valuable resource and real insider tips. To this end, we regularly update our content, including detailed model comparisons between Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3.

For those who are toying with the idea of buying a Tesla we offer a detailed overview of the buying process, including tips on choosing the right model and financing options, as well as discovering the many settings and features of the Tesla app, which allows you to control and customize your vehicle remotely.
After you have Tesla picked up, the first settings are crucial. Our guide will take you through the most important steps after collection to ensure that your vehicle is optimally configured. We also provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to charge your Tesla, so that you can maximize the life of the battery.
Plus, learn all about the different Supercharger options and how they can enhance your travel experience. Discover useful tips and tricks to maximize your Tesla-experience, whether it's through efficient driving or using advanced features.

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