Tesla guide - Functions of the Tesla guard mode

What is the guard mode in the Tesla for and how do you use it correctly? We explain these questions and many other useful tips in this guide. Guard mode is available in all Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X as standard.

What is Guard Mode for and what makes it unique?

Tesla Sentry Mode is a security feature available in Tesla vehicles. It is designed to protect vehicles from vandalism and theft, e.g. in public parking lots or unfamiliar areas, by monitoring the vehicle's surroundings when it is parked and unoccupied. This feature provides comprehensive surveillance protection that goes beyond the traditional alarm systems of other vehicles and plays an active role in preventing and responding to potential security threats.

How does the guard mode work?

In guard mode, the vehicle's exterior cameras are used to monitor the surroundings. If a threat, potentially suspicious behavior or disturbance is detected, the mode switches to a kind of "alarm state". In this state, the cameras are activated to store video recordings and the vehicle can perform various actions to deter potential intruders. These include the pulsing daytime running lights in the front headlights and the "red lens" on the screen inside the vehicle. If the vehicle alarm is triggered, a notification is sent to the smartphone via the Tesla app.

How do I activate the guard mode?

To activate guard mode, proceed as follows:

Access via the touchscreen: 

On the center touchscreen of your Tesla, tap the "Auto" icon (usually at the bottom of the screen).

Select the "Security" menu item. Here you will find the option to activate Guard Mode. You can either activate it immediately or set it to activate automatically as soon as the vehicle is parked. Once activated, the Tesla will automatically monitor the area around the parked vehicle. 



Access via the Tesla app:

Go to your vehicle's Tesla app and tap on the "Security" item. The "Guard mode" item will then appear. As soon as you tap on the corresponding button, the guard mode is activated. As soon as this is activated, all exterior cameras can be displayed in an overview or individually. This makes it possible to view the vehicle's surroundings live via the app at any time. Once activated, the Tesla automatically monitors the area around the parked vehicle. 

Guard mode setup:

The guard mode can be adapted to the respective driver profile via the touchscreen access in the vehicle. For example, it can be set to automatically deactivate guard mode at saved addresses such as home or work. This not only has the advantage that the Tesla does not record videos unnecessarily, but also reduces power consumption.

Where are video recordings saved?

In the event of an incident, the recorded videos can be viewed via the vehicle's touchscreen or, if required, stored on USB sticks in the glove compartment. A suitable USB stick is already inserted in the glove compartment on delivery. It is recommended to check the videos regularly to keep an eye on relevant events.

Power consumption Guard mode:

This depends heavily on how much the Tesla needs to monitor its environment and how many events need to be detected and recorded by the vehicle. In general, it is reported that Sentinel mode can consume around 250-500 watts per hour. This means that a significant portion of the battery charge can be consumed during prolonged operation. With a 75 kWh battery (as in many Tesla models), Sentinel mode could theoretically run for 150 to 300 hours until the battery is fully discharged, assuming that no other loads are active and the entire battery charge is used exclusively for Sentinel mode.


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