This product is NOT suitable for the Tesla Model Y (SUV).

It fits exclusively in the Tesla Model 3.

The right product for the Model Y you find here.

Sunshade/sun visors for the Tesla Model 3

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  • Suitable for the Tesla Model 3
  • only fits from approx. 05.2021 - for models with trims in the doors
  • For the panoramic roof and rear window
  • Including additional insulating film
  • Reduces solar radiation and climatic demand
  • Save electricity due to less cooling
  • Easy installation
  • Rearview mirror can still be used, visibility slightly restricted depending on seat position.
  • Compatibility with your vehicle model - See description below
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The glass roof of the Tesla Model 3 fascinates again and again. It makes the interior look very light and airy. Despite the tinted windows, the interior can heat up extremely, especially in summer. On longer trips, the constant sunlight can quickly become uncomfortable. The sunshade helps against this. The set consists of two covers for the rear window and the window above the driver and passenger seat. The rear window is not completely closed. The view to the rear through the interior mirror is maintained. The sun visor is simply unfolded and fastened in the gap between the glass and the ceiling using the plastic parts supplied. Slipping is thus impossible. In addition, a silver insulating film is supplied. This ensures that no sun rays enter the vehicle interior.

Note:When the sunshade is installed, the view to the rear through the rearview mirror may be slightly restricted - depending on the seating position.


Tesla Model 3 02.2019 - 09.2023

Compatibility in the new Tesla Model 3 as of 10.2023 not yet tested. We will update the description as soon as possible. If you have any information about compatibility, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form contact form.


Country of origin of this product: China (learn more)