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Raclix mount with Magnetic Dock

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  • Clean Design - Especially for Tesla Model 3/Y
  • Installation location behind the steering wheel
  • With MagneticDock (see description)
  • Extremely flexible use
  • Made in Germany
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The RACLIX® mount is an extremely useful and at the same time elegant mount for your Tesla. Due to its minimalistic design, the phone mount fits perfectly into the interior of your Tesla without being obtrusive. The magnetism and the simple, elegant and minimalist design of the RACLIX® mount make it possible. With just one flick of the wrist, only the smartphone or the entire mount can be removed as needed and reattached again and again, no matter when or how often.
With the RACLIX® mount, you not only get a practical cell phone holder, but also a mobile dashboard with speedometer display (only with third-party app) or navigation display due to the installation location directly behind the steering wheel. Due to its universal shape, the RACLIX® holder fits any smartphone. This has the great advantage that a new suitable holder does not have to be purchased when changing the cell phone.

Included in delivery:

  • RACLIX® holder
  • Base plate with magnet
  • MagneticDock for magnetic mountingof the smartphone (for all IPhones from IPhone11 & all other smartphones with retrofitted MagSafe magnet)
  • Magnetic plate for smartphone backside (for all smartphones without MagSafe magnets)
  • Storage and protection bag
  • Mounting template with instructions



This RACLIX® mount fits both a MagSafe from Apple and the MagneticDock from RACLIX®.

The RACLIX® mount comes with the MagneticDock. This is a magnetic shell with a strongly magnetic surface that holds the smartphone at the front. A magnetic plate, which is placed between the smartphone and the smartphone case and serves as a counter magnet, is also included.
Only a holder, but no charging of the smartphone is possible here.

However, the RACLIX® holder can also be used with a MagSafe from Apple at any time. Simply remove the MagneticDock and press the MagSafe with a little force into the recess where the MagneticDock was previously located.
The MagSafe charging cable is not included.


The MagneticDock holds ...

Smartphones without MagSafe magnet (e.g. Android smartphones with enclosed metal plate).

Smartphones with MagSafe cell phone case (e.g. Iphones) (metal plate is not required here)

Smartphones with MagSafe magnet on the back (Iphones) (metal plate is not required here).

Smartphones with retrofitted MagSafe magnet ring (e.g. Android smartphones with retrofitted MagSafe metal ring) -...(metal plate is not required here)

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