This product is NOT suitable for the Tesla Model 3.

It fits only in the Tesla Model Y.

The right product for the Model 3 you will find here.

Logo emblems in black for the Tesla Model Y

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  • Suitable for Tesla Model Y
  • Color black matte
  • Set consisting of front and rear and steering wheel logo
  • Logo is glued on the existing logo
  • Adhesive strip included
  • Easy mounting - see description!
  • Attention: The emblems for front and rear differ! Please pay attention to this during assembly. This is clearly recognizable by the bulge.
Goods in stock: delivery time within Germany 1 to 3 working days, EU countries 3 to 7 working days

Beautify the exterior of your Tesla Model Y with the matte black logos for the front hood (frunk) and the trunk lid (trunk). This gives you a uniform look on the outside with the matte black window trim and your Model Y becomes a real eye-catcher!

Included is an additional logo for the steering wheel, which can also be mounted on the existing logo. The logos can be easily attached to the existing logo with the adhesive strip already on the back. The removal of the factory-fixed logos is not necessary.

Installation tips:

Step 1: Check the shape of the logo to make sure it matches the original logo.

Step 2: Clean the surface of the original logo thoroughly.

Step 3: If a permanent bond is desired, the enclosed adhesive booster can now be applied. Make sure that it does not get on the vehicle's paint.
If you want to remove the logo emblems later, we do not recommend this. Even without adhesive booster, the emblems will hold if they are pressed on well.

Step 4: Remove the foil on the adhesive and then stick the emblem on the original Tesla emblem.

Step 5: Press the black emblem firmly and keep it pressed for another 30 seconds.


If possible, keep the emblem dry for another 48 hours so that the adhesive can bond optimally.

Country of origin of this product: China (learn more)