Resqme rescue tool

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  • Belt cutter and window breaker
  • Integrated clip for keychain
  • Self tensioning bolt
  • Durable cutting blade
  • High quality
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With the 2-in-1 rescue tool from resqme, you can save yourself and others quickly and at any time in the event of an accident. The rescue tool has a side on which a bolt shoots out under pressure. If necessary, you can use this to smash the corresponding window pane. In addition, the tool has an integrated and specially designed belt cutter to free you and other people.

Thanks to its compact form, the resqme rescue tool can be stored in the center console in a practical and accessible way. Alternatively, the rescue tool can also be hung on your keychain thanks to the integrated clip. The rescue tool is available in classic black or in eye-catching neon orange and neon yellow.The company resqme has been manufacturing this unique rescue tool for over 10 years in the USA, so this is also known among rescue workers.

Please note: The resqme rescue tool is not suitable for laminated windows. These are located at the Tesla Model 3 from 05.2021 in the front, in the new Tesla Model 3 from 10.2023 front and rear, on the Model S and X from 12.2022 as well as all Tesla Model Y. Unfortunately, the Resqme is not able to smash these discs. The integrated seatbelt cutter is still fully functional, of course. The ability to rescue others from their vehicles also remains. That alone is a reason to always carry the Resqme rescue tool in your vehicle.

Country of origin of this product: USA (learn more)