This product is NOT suitable for the Tesla Model Y (SUV).

It fits exclusively in the Tesla Model 3.

The right product for the Model Y you find here.

Performance hubcaps in turbine design for the Tesla Model 3

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  • Optionally a set consisting of 4 pieces - or 1 piece (as a replacement)
  • Suitable for the Tesla Model 3
  • For original 18 inch aero wheels
  • Optically similar to the performance turbine rims
  • Clamps included for secure fitment
  • Easy mounting without tools
  • Hub caps included neutral without Tesla logo and sealing tape (see description)
  • Color: Black matt
  • No special running direction like the original Tesla hubcaps
  • Compatibility with your car model - See description below
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You want to improve the look of your Tesla Model 3 without buying expensive new rims, then the performance hubcaps in turbine design are the optimal solution. By default, the 18 inch alloy wheels are equipped with aero hubcaps, which can be easily removed and replaced. No further tools are needed for the assembly. This set consists of 4 hubcaps for the Tesla Model 3. Alternatively, you can also reorder a hubcap if you should ever have scratched one. Both the original Tesla Aero hubcaps and our performance hubcaps in turbine design are equipped with clips that grip around the spokes of the alloy wheels and ensure a secure fit.

Our hubcaps closely resemble the original Tesla Performance Turbine alloy wheels and let your Tesla Model 3 look much more sporty. The hubcaps come with neutral hubcaps as an indicated wheel hub cover. These can be easily glued into the corresponding area as needed. For additional protection of the rim, the set includes a thin foam tape, which is attached with the self-adhesive back in the inner / outer edge of the hubcap.

Unlike the original Tesla hubcaps, our hubcaps go over the edge of the rim, so that the rims are not directly damaged in the event of a light curb contact.

These hubcaps have no special running direction and can be mounted individually like the original Tesla Aero hubcaps.

Notice: Both the original Tesla hubcaps, as well as our hubcaps can be damaged by clamps that grip around the rim spokes or by dirt and friction between the rim and hubcap, slight butbut permanent traces on the rims underneath. For this we assume no liability!

Note: The hubcaps are supplied with neutral caps as an indicated wheel hub cover. Optionally, caps (4 pieces) are available as a set with Tesla logo in white!


Tesla Model 3 02.2019 - 09.2023
Not suitable for the new Tesla Model 3 from 10.2023!

Country of origin of this product: Italy (learn more)