This product is NOT suitable for the Tesla Model Y (SUV).

It fits exclusively in the Tesla Model 3.

The right product for the Model Y you find here.

Kjust trunk bags set for the Tesla Model 3

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  • Suitable for the Tesla Model 3 2017 - 2023
  • Use the space optimally
  • Very robust and water repellent
  • 2 different sets are available depending on the intended use
  • Shipping only within the EU

Delivery time within Germany 3 to 7 working days, EU countries 7 to 10 working days

The Kjust trunk bag sets are perfectly optimized for the trunk of your Model 3. So you use the space under the parcel shelf and in the compartment under the trunk much better.

There are roller travel bags with pull-out handle for pulling, airplane bags with suitable dimensions for checking in luggage and sports bags with double bottom - these are suitable, for example, to store sports shoes separately.

The material is very flexible, robust and water-repellent, so the items inside are well protected. The risers are made in the same way as seat belts on the car.

In the video you can see the 5x bags sport set! There are also two bags for the frunk shown, these fit unfortunately only for the Pre Facelift Model 3so we do not carry these.


 5x bags:

  • 2x roller travel bags (128L)
  • 1x airplane bag (55L)
  • 1x airplane bag (50L)
  • 1x sports bag (72L)


5x bags sport:

  • 2x roller travel bags (114L)
  • 2x sports bags (72L)
  • 1x sports bag (65L)

Shipping instructions: The bag sets will be shipped by DPD. Other items in the order will come separately with DHL.
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