Camera cover for the rear camera of the Tesla Model 3/Y

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  • Protects the rear camera of the Tesla Model 3/Y
  • Special hydrophobic coating
  • Surface water and dirt repellent
  • Optically transparent view
  • Easy to install
  • Compatibility with your car model - See description below
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Tired of your rearview camera becoming instantly unusable when it rains, and then having to laboriously clean it after all the dirt has dried on it? Finally there is a solution to this problem! The camera cover for the rear camera of your Tesla Model 3 or Y encloses your camera and protects it with a hydrophobic film that repels water and dirt. The camera cover is easy to install and optically transparent, so it won't affect the rear camera or color reproduction.
Please note that the manufacturer recommends replacing the cover after 4 to 6 months as the effectiveness of the coating wears off. Cleaning with an eyeglass cleaning cloth helps to prolong the function. However, over time the cover becomes less repellent and then it should be replaced.

Assembly instructions:

1) As a first step, we recommend disassembling the license plate along with the frame. This way you have a better access to the camera. After mounting the camera cover, the license plate including frame can of course be mounted again.

2) Make sure that the application area is clean and completely dry. Please take the time to clean the area thoroughly. Also, we recommend installing the camera cover at a temperature between 10 and 30 degrees. The environment should be dry during installation.


Please check if this piece of adhesive film is near the camera:

Some Tesla cameras come from the factory with this protective film. If it is still stuck in this area, it must be removed to ensure proper adhesion of the camera cover.

3) Clean the adhesive area on the vehicle with an eyeglass cleaning cloth or some alcohol and let everything dry well.

4) Carefully remove the protective film on the adhesive side!

5) Center the camera cover at the bottom and back of the camera. Make sure it is exactly square (all sides must be on at the same time, not one side in front of the other).

6) When the camera cover is glued all around, press it on by hand for one minute, it is best to leave the vehicle for 24 to 48 hours for the glue to dry. It is recommended not to wash the vehicle for about 7 days to allow the adhesive to fully adhere.


During application, rapid temperature changes or high humidity may cause the cover to fog up slightly - similar to sunglasses fogging up after being put on in an air-conditioned store. After a short time, the fogging disappears again without leaving any residue.

We recommend not washing the car in a "no-touch" car wash, as high-pressure cleaners are used there at close range, which can lead to water ingress.


Tesla Model 3 02.2019 - 09.2023
Compatibility in the new Tesla Model 3 as of 10.2023 not yet tested. We will update the description as soon as possible. If you have any information about compatibility, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form contact form.

Tesla Model Y 08.2021 - Today

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