Dual Motor lettering in black for the Tesla Model 3/Y

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  • Suitable for Tesla Model 3/ Y
  • Color black matte incl. red line
  • Self-adhesive letters
  • Including template for easy mounting
  • Note: The factory installed Dual Motor lettering must be removed! The black lettering can benot be glued onto the silver lettering!
  • Compatibility with your car model - See description below
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Beautify the exterior of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with the matte black Dual Motor logo on the tailgate. In addition, the red stripe known from the Performance under the Dual Motor lettering is integrated into the stencil. On Long Range models, this can be removed before application if required. In combination with our matte black Tesla logos you make your Tesla a real eye-catcher.

For mounting, the factory applied Dual Motor lettering must be removed. Afterwards, the new Dual Motor lettering can be easily applied thanks to the foam template.

Installation Tip: It is recommended to clean the tailgate beforehand. Before removing the old lettering, mark the exact position. This can be done very easily with some adhesive tape, for example. Then remove the individual letters. You can use a card or dental floss as an aid here. Remove any remaining adhesive. At low temperatures, heat from a hairdryer can help.


Tesla Model 3 02.2019 - 09.2023
Compatibility in the new Tesla Model 3 as of 10.2023 not yet tested. We will update the description as soon as possible. If you have any information about compatibility, do not hesitate to contact us via thecontact form contact form.

Tesla Model Y 08.2021 - Today

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