With the KFW subsidy, charging stations for electric cars & housing subsidized.
The purchase and installation of charging stations in parking lots and garages belonging to residential buildings and accessible only privately , promoted.

Funded costs include:

- The purchase price of a new charging station (e.g. wall box) with 11 kW charging power and intelligent control
- The costs for installing and connecting the charging station, including all installation work
- The cost of an energy management system to control the charging station

IMPORTANT: It is currently not possible to submit new applications to KfW440 (residential buildings) for Wallbox funding. However, if you have already submitted an application, you can still submit the bill for the wall box together with the bill from the electrician and get the €900. The deadline is usually 9 months after the date of the application.

What do you need to receive the KFW funding.

1) Apply for a subsidy
Before you order your charging station, submit your application directly on the KfW subsidy portal.
In some cases you will need additional documents for the application:
Women's Association
You need (1) a copy of the power of attorney to submit an application, (2) a list of the applicant owners with their names and addresses - owners who are not eligible to apply do not belong on this list List (e.g. legal entities as apartment owners)
The apartment is rented
You rent your apartment and in the current or in the past 2 years receive de minimis aid, then you need the following information from the certificate: (1) aid provider, (2) aid value, (3) approval date, (4) file number

2) Prove identity & Install charging station
As soon as you have received the confirmation of application for the subsidy, you can prove your identity - quickly and easily with a Schufa identity check. If that doesn't work, you can use video identification - or you can go through the post-identification process. Then you can have the charging station installed by a specialist company.

3) Submit evidence & Receive a subsidy
Installed charging station? Then you can confirm the implementation of your project in the KfW grant portal. To do this, upload your invoices for purchase and installation. In addition, I provide some information that KfW processes anonymously. You then provide KfW with valuable insights, for example about how the costs for charging stations are developing. The grant will then be transferred to your account.

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