Ship tracking update! First Tesla ship from Shanghai unloaded, more to come!

Ship tracking update! First Tesla ship from Shanghai unloaded, more to come!

Today there is a current update on Tesla ship trackingIn the current third quarter, the Leo Spirit was the first ship with Tesla vehicles to ship on April 280722 arrived in Barcelona and have already been unloadedAccording to current observations, another four ships with Tesla vehicles appear to be on their way to EuropeNext ship we expect is the Morning Chorus on the 18th0822 in Zeebrugge (currently entering the “Red Sea”The Glovis Summit follows shortly after, which is expected to take place on April 120822 is expected in Koper (currently in the Arabian Sea)The Titus are also on their way to Europe with an expected arrival on 220822 in Zeebrugge (currently on the island of Sri Lanka) and Hoegh StPetersburg with estimated time of arrival on 280822 in Zeebruge (currently in the Straits of Malacca)

There are current news from the RCC Antwerp, which will take place today on 020822 arrived at the South Pier in Shanghai for loading with a slight delayMost recently, the RCC Classic was announced for this tourThe tour of the two ships was probably swappedAnother 5 Tesla ships are currently under observation, which are scheduled to dock in Shanghai this AugustDue to the travel time of 3 to 4 weeks (depending on the port of call in Europe), we will not be able to track any further ships for the third quarter in Europe in SeptemberMany Tesla customers had hoped for even more shipsDue to the conversion and the associated closure of individual production lines, there were also some delays in this quarter

Future will show to what extent Tesla can make up for these delays with the newly increased production number in the fourth quarterDue to the ramping up of production in the new Gigafactory Grünheide, however, significantly fewer ships will come to Europe in the future, since the new Gigafactory Grünheide will supply Europe with Tesla Model Y vehicles

Source: TFF / ship tracking - Teslanova56 (all information subject to change)

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