Update on the new 4680 battery cells!

Update on the new 4680 battery cells!

Exciting times at Tesla. Tesla boss Elon Musk didn't say much about the new 4680 battery cells at the opening of Giga Texas, but there is still some new information on the subject.

At the opening of Giga Texas, a visitor took a closer look at the Tesla Model Y on display. The display showed that this was a Tesla Model Y "Standard" with dual motor, which was built in Austin. The Model Y "Standard" showed a remaining range of 19% / 53mi (85 kilometers). We have extrapolated a range at 100% of 278mi (447 kilometers). The newly introduced 4680 battery cells are suspected in this Model Y. It will be very interesting to see what effect the 4680 battery cells will have on the long range/performance. Thanks to the new battery density of 4680 battery cells, Tesla makes it possible to simplify production. The battery pack then serves as a supporting part in the middle of the vehicle. Thus, the body of the Tesla Model Y consists of only three parts. As of today, however, nothing has changed in the configurator. A standard variant cannot yet be selected and the range of the individual models has not changed either. So we have to continue to monitor closely how Tesla is doing this and when the new 4680 battery cells will be launched.

Source: Twitter/Tesla_Raj and live_munro

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