New software update 2022.12.1 is rolling out abroad! What awaits us?

New software update 2022.12.1 is rolling out abroad! What awaits us?
The first videos for the new software update 2022.12.1 are appearing on YouTube. So we can be curious when the update will be rolled out in Germany. This will then gradually be released for all Tesla. With the new software update, Tesla has once again improved the lower icon bar, which was introduced with the big Christmas update. With the new update, you have the option of dragging additional icons into the bar in order to customize the shortcuts even further. A total of 5 icons will then find their place in the "My Apps" bar. What is new is that shortcuts for windscreen, rear window, windscreen wiper and steering wheel heating can now also be added. Furthermore, the seat heating can be added separately as additional shortcuts outside of the "My Apps" bar. Thanks to the software update, the child safety locks can then be activated and deactivated for each of the rear doors individually or both together. The Dog Mode and Camp Mode can then also be controlled via the Tesla App. In addition, the new language "Merhaba Turkish" is added. Some updates, but not all, will also add Disney+ as a new app. So you notice again, thanks to the regular software updates, Tesla regularly improves its software and easily brings it over-the-air to every Tesla.

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