New products in Shop4Tesla! (March 2021)

New products in Shop4Tesla! (March 2021)

We have expanded our range. You can now purchase a range of completely new accessories for your Tesla from us!

The new Organiser Box for the center console is suitable for all Model 3 owners with the refresh (2021) and offers you additional storage space in the center console. If you still don't have enough space in your interior, we recommend the "secret compartment" in the armrest. The box is inserted below the unfolded armrest and allows you to store small valuables, for example.

Model S drivers now also get their money's worth with us. In addition to the new Performance Pedals (also available for the Model 3), we now also offer Rubber Mats for the Model S. The new Model S rubber mats maintain our quality standard and are in no way inferior to the rubber mats for the Model 3.

Thanks to the high-walled design and the precise fit, they are non-slip, protect your Tesla Model S from dirt and moisture and are easy to clean. The complete set consists of the two trunk mats (front and rear) and the mats for the interior.

But our insider tip is clearly the new dog mat. It is suitable for anyone who takes their four-legged friend with them on every trip in the Tesla. The mat not only protects the rear seats, but above all it offers your dog additional safety and comfort while driving. The non-slip underside ensures a secure grip even on smooth surfaces. The mat can be quickly and easily attached to the front and rear headrests with the fastening straps and can also be quickly removed again. The dog mat is waterproof and stain resistant and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or machine washed. The dog mats are suitable for all Tesla models.

But it's best to get an idea of ​​our new product range for yourself! You can find all new products here.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new accessories for your Tesla!

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