Model Y Performance deliveries in Germany?

Model Y Performance deliveries in Germany?
In Germany we are still waiting in vain for new assignments of chassis numbers for the Model Y Performance from Grünheide. There have been virtually no allocations for several weeks. There is great speculation as to whether and how much Model Y Performance Grünheide is currently producing. From time to time, however, Model Y performance models were spotted on the Autobahn. Finally, some white models too. Drone videos from the Gigafactory also show that new vehicles are on the site. In the TFF (Tesla Drivers and Friends Forum) there is now news. A number of black and white Tesla Model Y Performance trucks are currently arriving in Sweden and being delivered to customers there. However, a member posts a VIN ending in 48xx. On 03/30/2022 the chassis number with the end number 25xx was posted. This means that about 2300 cars (about 460 per week) were produced in about 5 weeks. Presumably, Tesla transports all Model Y produced abroad because of the longer transport routes, so that in the last month of the 2nd quarter (June) all Model Y Performance can be delivered in Germany via short transport routes. Because what counts for Tesla are the quarterly figures.

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