Opening of Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin-Brandenburg

Opening of Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin-Brandenburg

It's done, the Gigafactory 4 Berlin-Brandenburg has opened. On March 22, 2022, the grand opening ceremony took place in Grünheide and the first 30 vehicles were handed over personally by Elon Musk. But before that there was also a speech by our Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Prime Minister of Brandenburg Dietmar Woidke and of course Elon Musk. He began his speech in German with the words "Thank you for everything, Brandenburg - Grünheide, Germany...!". It quickly became apparent where the journey with Tesla would go, because as Elon said, mobility has to change and as long as there is sun and wind we can achieve a sustainable future.

But now we would like to tell you about our experience from yesterday, because we were there live. We were one of the lucky ones who were allowed to pick up their ordered Model Y Performance. To be precise, our Model Y Performance was number 22. When we arrived in Grünheide, we were given a very friendly welcome. After all formalities were completed, we went to the Tesla Owner's area. There were drinks and a few small things to eat at the reception. The weather was wonderful, bright blue skies, pleasant temperatures and pure sunshine. Around 10:30 a.m. we were divided into groups to start the factory tour. In the groups we were allowed to look at some areas of production. From stamping to final assembly, many areas were open for guidance. We were speechless and excited at the same time! Insanely big with the latest technology. It quickly became apparent how the factory would continue to grow in the near future. Not all parts of the factory are set up and connected to produce cars. Tesla's goal is to produce up to 500,000 electric cars, gigantic! At the end of the factory tour they were there, the first Tesla Model Y Performance in black. All lined up, illuminated by the latest LED technology, ready for handover. In addition to the beautifully lined up Model Y Performance in the light tunnel, we were allowed to stay in an extra area until the handover. We had time to look closely at exhibition vehicles, grab a bite to eat and drinks.

Strengthened, it started at 1 p.m. and Robert Habeck was welcomed. Olaf Scholz, Dietmar Woidke and Elon Musk followed a little later. The cheering was great and the excitement and nervousness increased. After the address and speech, the time had come and Elon Musk began to hand over the first Tesla Model Y Performance to the customers. Each owner was allowed to take 3 more companions with them. For each Model Y Performance handover, the desired song was played by the future owner, which everyone was allowed to specify in advance. A moment that I don't think anyone will forget in a hurry! Unfortunately we had to wait a bit because we were assigned the Tesla Model Y Performance number 22. But we were able to look at the other vehicle handovers and be happy with the other owners. But as it is, it was our turn sooner than expected. Nervous and excited we headed towards the handover point. Then everything happened very quickly, we were waved through and suddenly stood in front of our new performance, right next to Elon Musk. Nico Pliquett exchanged a few words with him and asked him to immortalize himself on our center console. No problem for Elon Musk, he took the sharpie and signed our center console cover. After a photo, we were then allowed to get in and we ceremonially went to the parking lot in front of the gates of the gig factory with music and fountains from the production. We were not allowed to drive on the site ourselves, but there were many very friendly employees on site who took over these trips. Now it was time to take a deep breath and let everything sink in.The joy about the new car and the mega impressive handover was huge

The Model Y Performance is in TOP condition, we didn't find any defects. Gap dimensions as you are already used to from the MIC models are perfect. Only the doors on the driver's side close with difficulty. There is probably just too much pressure there, but the service center or ranger will take care of it. Again and again videos were shot and stories were shot. Of course, a live broadcast by Nico Pliquett could not be missing. If you missed these, no problem! The live broadcast is stored on YouTube.

Meanwhile almost 4000 guests were to be found on the site. In addition to the people who picked them up and their companions, other invited guests and all employees of the Gigfactory were gathered. Music played on the stage, food trucks and drink stands were set up. The mood was relaxed and super good. Everyone was happy and the weather couldn't have been better. The event went on into the evening. However, we decided that after a delicious burger we would start our journey towards Hamburg, because after all we had been up since 4 a.m. and a first comparison video between our Model Y Long Range and Performance should also be shot.

Around 5 p.m. we were driven from the site to our Model Y Long Range. Now Nico Pliquett could take the wheel himself and drive this beautiful car. The plan, off to the next supercharger to load and shoot the planned YouTube video. We reached Hamburg around 9:30 p.m. We all agreed that the day was amazing and will not be forgotten anytime soon. Thank you Tesla for letting us be there, thank you for this great car. We are certain that the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg and the cars built there will enrich our future. Tesla has once again proven what is feasible and who the player is!


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