The WALLBOX PULSAR PLUS 11kW with 900€ KFW funding is now available!

The WALLBOX PULSAR PLUS 11kW with 900€ KFW funding is now available!
The WALLBOX PULSAR PLUS from Wallbox not only looks good, you can even get it with a €900 subsidy from KFW!

A wallbox whose manufacturer is called "Wallbox" can only be promising, we thought. And indeed, it convinces in many ways!
When we first looked at our wallbox wall in the ElektroHub, we all agreed: "That thing is pretty small and pretty.". The Pulsar Plus impresses with its compact, minimalist design and looks really good. In addition to the wall box, there is also a holder for the charging plug so that it doesn't fly around anywhere. So far so good! The small charging station comes with a 5m charging cable and is suitable for all Type2 electric cars. The wallbox can charge up to 11kW, which means your electric car charges up to 5x faster than with a standard household socket! There is also a wallbox app that accompanies you during the charging process. So the Wallbox is WLAN & Bluetooth compatible and pretty smart. A DC residual current protection & load management is also included!

We tried the Pulsar Plus and loved it! Above all, the app is convincing. It runs very smoothly and is easy to use. This makes it easy to control, activate and monitor the charging process. The setup takes a few minutes and can be understood even without electrical experience. If you are looking for a wall box that can be used collectively, you will find it: Intelligent load management (power sharing) can be used perfectly for communal parking spaces and other commercial purposes.
When installing the Pulsar Plus by the electrician, it is important to note the following points. Ideally, the Wallbox is connected to a 3-phase (16A) connection. Communication is very easy via WLAN and/or Bluetooth. However, no further settings have to be made in advance, as the wall box regulates itself to a maximum of 16A, as required by the subsidy.

Before you order quickly now, please first submit the application to KFW and trigger the order after confirmation from KFW. Between confirmation from KFW , which you will receive directly online, and the execution (ordering the charging station and installation by the electrician) you then have 9 months to have the whole thing carried out.
It is also important that you use the electricity for the charging station from renewable energies, e.g. directly from your own photovoltaic system or from your energy supplier, otherwise you will unfortunately not receive any funding.

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