Tesla or: How Elon Musk is revolutionizing electromobility

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This book is great reading material, not only for Tesla fans, but for everyone who is already dealing with electromobility or wants to deal with it. Admittedly, we are convinced Tesla drivers ourselves, but this book has shown us once again how advanced these cars actually are and how far behind the rest of the automotive industry is. But even for us there was still some exciting information to read. In our opinion, the book is very well researched and easy to read - fast, compact, funny, but also profound, sufficiently critical and of course based on facts! Christoph Krachten writes here loosely and crisply on short 233 pages what the future - no - present of the automotive industry is like. Compliments to the author.
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What does Tesla actually do? Nobody really knows. Some suspect a huge air number behind Elon Musk's company and others believe the automaker is capable of a revolution. And not just one: Electromobility, battery production, autonomous driving and renewable energy. Because Tesla is more than a car manufacturer. Elon Musk has the goal of revolutionizing the whole world with the company. He wants to produce as many solar cells, batteries and electric cars that the earth can get by completely without fossil fuels. How he plans it and why Tesla vehicles are so special is documented in this book with amazing facts.
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