Rubber mat Frunk (front trunk) for the Tesla Model 3

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  • Comprehensive protection against moisture and dirt
  • Exact fit & high-walled design
  • Non-slip & waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Abrasion-resistant and very robust
  • 2 year guarantee

This mat is ideal for your front trunk, also called frunk, of your Tesla Model 3. Due to the exact fit, it is non-slip, protects the trunk from dirt & amp; Wet and easy to clean.

IMPORTANT : From around mid-August 2020, Tesla will be delivering the Model 3 with a smaller Frunk (trunk in front).
If you don't know which one Frunk you have, you can find a picture on this page for comparison.
If you have this new trunk, Please select "Small (new)" under the options. If you still have the old frunk, please select "Large (old)" under the options.