Funding program for private charging stations will be further increased

Funding program for private charging stations will be further increased

That's not it yet! Funding for private charging stations for electric cars (grant 440) will be increased again. This time even by a whole 300 million euros, the German Press Agency reported from government circles. The program will probably be financed from energy and climate funds.

In early July, Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) called for €200 million to be made available again. All electro fans will be happy that it has now become even more, because the previous 500 million euros were quickly used up. This development stems from the current high demand for wall boxes and thus the support program. here you can find out how such an application is made and how exactly the private funding process works. You do not need your own electric car or plug-in hybrid for the funding. So if you are about to purchase an electric car, you can make provisions now with the appropriate charging option. Most of our wallboxes are eligible or can be adjusted to be eligible by installing the electrician accordingly. 22kW wall boxes are throttled to 11kW so that the requirements of a funding application are approved. Here you will find our wall boxes funded by KfW.

The subsidy amounts to exactly €900 per charging point. Funded costs include:

  • The purchase price of a new charging station (e.g. wall box) with 11 kW charging power and intelligent control
  • The cost of installing and connecting the charging station, including all installation work
  • The cost of an energy management system to control the charging station

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