JUICE BOOSTER 2 + CHARGER easy NOW with KFW funding

JUICE BOOSTER 2 + CHARGER easy NOW with KFW funding

Until now, the JUICE BOOSTER was not considered eligible for KFW funding (charging station for electric cars - residential building 440).

We now have the solution for you on how to get the JUICE BOOSTER funded. In the future we will offer you the “JUICE CHARGER easy 1” bundle.

This bundle is on the KFW list of eligible wallboxes.

The bundle consists of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 and the CHARGER easy. The CHARGER easy consists of the JUICE easy box for permanent installation by the electrician and the JUICE BOOSTER wall mount with lockable lock. Please note that the JUICE BOOSTER 2 will already be delivered to you after you have placed your order. The components of the CHARGER easy will probably be delivered to you at the beginning of April 2021.

When the electrician installs the easy-Box, it is important to note the following points. The easy-Box should be connected 3-phase, 16A, a communication connection can be made via Ethernet, but can also be made later. You can then plug in the JUICE BOOSTER via the JUICE CONNECTOR (included in the set) and screw the box. If necessary, you can release the JUICE BOOSTER coupling by opening the easy box and take the JUICE BOOSTER with you. After that, no further settings are necessary, as the JUICE BOOSTER automatically adjusts itself to a maximum of 16 A, as required by the funding.

Before you order quickly now, please first submit the application to KFW and trigger the order after confirmation from KFW. Between the Confirmation from KFW, which you will receive directly online, and the execution (ordering of the charging station and installation by the electrician) you then have 9 months to have the whole thing carried out.

It is also important that you use the electricity for the charging station from renewable energies, e.g. directly from your own photovoltaic system or from your energy supplier, otherwise you will unfortunately not receive any funding.

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