This product is NOT suitable for the Tesla Model 3.

It fits only in the Tesla Model Y.

Dog fence for the Tesla Model Y

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  • Separator grille between trunk and passenger compartment Tesla Model Y
  • Easy installation without vehicle modification
  • Mounting material and instructions included
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Optional: Separation grid in the trunk
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The Guardsman dog partition separates the trunk of the Tesla Model Y from the front passenger compartment. Thus you prevent that your dog jumps unintentionally into the passenger compartment and does not get into the passenger compartment in an accident and is injured. But not only dog owners benefit from the partition grid, but also luggage or other loads can be secured in this way.

A trunk divider is also available as an option. This can be attached variably and divides the trunk into two parts. You can therefore decide at any time how wide the respective part should be. This is super handy if you want to separate two dogs from each other while driving or still want to use the trunk for stowing cargo with a dog.

The partition grid is specially designed for the Tesla Model Y and fits extremely well. The partition grid has an extremely sturdy steel frame with 19 mm diameter and 50 mm steel grille and is black powder coated. The dog partition grille is easy to install without the need for vehicle modifications.


  • For this dog grille, the backrests of the second row must be placed in the rearmost position.
  • Align the partition grid at the edge so that the rubber pads rest evenly (i.e. the grid is centered).
  • Do not tighten the "clamping screws" of the struts too much, so that the holding points in the upper area have enough contact surface on the roof bar and do not rest under the rubber seal.
Country of origin of this product: Great Britain (learn more)