Opening of all superchargers in the Netherlands

Opening of all superchargers in the Netherlands

After a test phase lasting several months, Tesla released all superchargers for third-party brands in the Netherlands on February 15, 2022. The Netherlands is the first country where Tesla fully approves this pilot project. Since November 1, 2021, third-party brands have been allowed to use selected Tesla Superchargers in the Netherlands. At the end of January 2022, isolated superchargers in France and Norway were then opened to third-party brands.

Not every Tesla driver is happy about this step. Many are afraid that the superchargers could now be completely overloaded and that there will be traffic jams and waiting times. However, we assume that Tesla has evaluated the utilization well in advance and will continue to evaluate it in the future. By opening up the superchargers, Tesla wants to encourage more drivers to drive electrically, because the more electric cars charge at superchargers, the faster the charging network can be expanded. This is already becoming clear when you look at the superchargers that are still being planned for 2022.

Of course, there will still be advantages for Tesla drivers, such as the lower price per kilowatt hour charged when charging. The price for third-party brand drivers in the Netherlands is currently between €0.68 and €0.71 per kilowatt hour charged. The exact costs at the respective location can be seen in the Tesla app.

We have created a Supercharger guide for you in our Tesla guide. In addition to other important information about charging third-party brands in the Netherlands, we have also summarized an explanation of the Tesla Superchargers here. So definitely nothing goes wrong! But we have also summarized some tips & tricks for Tesla drivers.

In the future, it can be assumed that Tesla will open more superchargers for third-party brands in other countries.

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