Our first own product: Now handmade from Hamburg!

Our first own product: Now handmade from Hamburg!
For a long time we have been looking for a high-quality way to change the wooden dashboard in the front of the Tesla Model 3. We tried different products - unfortunately we weren't convinced of the quality. We have been testing our own dashboard bars in 4 different variants for about 6 months now. 3 weeks ago we hired our new employee Konrad to accelerate and optimize the production of our own product. Today we are happy to finally be able to launch the product: Dashboard bars for the Tesla Model 3.
You have different color options to choose from: black, silver. Carbon and aluminum look. The last two variants offer a 3D structure and appear particularly high-quality. The back of the strips are covered with Alcantara and thus protect the wood in particular. The strips are attached with adhesive strips.Dashboard Carbon-Optik
We also offer covers for the center console. These parts can only be used for the older Tesla Model 3 before the current refresh. Here, too, the panels are simply glued on and protect the piano finish. We offer the same color variants as the dashboard bars.
Konsolenblende Carbon-Optik
Since the products are individually made to order, we have a slightly longer delivery time of 1-3 weeks. But we are stepping on the gas so that the orders reach you as quickly as possible.
We wish you a lot of fun shopping and a nice Advent season.

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