BYD will probably also supply Tesla with LFP blade batteries.

BYD will probably also supply Tesla with LFP blade batteries.

Just a few days ago we reported on the cooperation with the battery manufacturer Panasonic. Now the Chinese company BYD is also announcing that it will start supplying batteries for electric vehicles to Tesla in the near future. Executive Vice President of BYD Lian Yubo, announced the news about the partnership with the electric car manufacturer Tesla in an interview with the Chinese state-run TV CGTN on Wednesday.

Quote: "We are now good friends with Elon Musk as we prepare to supply batteries to Tesla very soon," Yubo said (via Reuters). However, Yubo did not provide any further detailed information about the deal with Tesla, such as how long it will take, what kind of batteries BYD will supply or in what quantity they will supply batteries.

However, based on previous rumours, there are two possibilities:

In October last year, there were reports that BYD and Tesla had signed a deal for 10 gigawatt hours of LFP batteries. According to sources familiar with the deal, Tesla selected BYD as a supplier because BYD is close to the automaker's facilities in California.

A few months earlier, there was another report of an agreement between the two companies that Tesla would receive the blade battery from BYD. The battery was presented in March 2020. However, this deal was later denied by BYD, but all the rumors could not be dispelled.

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