Update on ship tracking and first Tesla Model 3 chassis numbers in the 3Quarter!

Update on ship tracking and first Tesla Model 3 chassis numbers in the 3Quarter!

Many Tesla vehicle buyers are currently waiting eagerly for the VIN (vehicle identification number)Some first VINs have been distributed to various Tesla Model 3 models since last nightDue to the conversion of the Model Y production line in the first two weeks of July, no VIN is currently distributed hereThe assumption here is that the next Tesla Model Y in the colors white and black will come exclusively from the Gigafactory GrünheideAll other colors could still come from the Gigafactory Shanghai by the end of the year

In contrast to the previous quarters, this thirdQuarter with ships for Europe is still relatively badThe morning chorus is currently expected - arrival in Zeebrugge on 180822 - and the Glovis Summit - arriving in Koper on 120822 -The Leo Spirit, Poseidon Leader, Travita and the Titus are currently under observationHowever, these ships were not moored at the Shanghai south pier as usual, but at the north pierHowever, at least a subset of Tesla vehicles could have been loaded hereWe continue to follow the development with interest and hope for more ships for Europe in the 3rd World WarquarterOf course we will keep you up to date here

Source: TFF / ship tracking - Tesla Nova 56 (all information subject to change)

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