Update on the expansion of the Tesla charging infrastructure. Tesla opens 800th Supercharger location in Europe.

Update on the expansion of the Tesla charging infrastructure. Tesla opens 800th Supercharger location in Europe.

Tesla, the pioneer of electric mobility. However, Tesla is not only a pioneer when it comes to vehicles, but also in its specially built charging infrastructure, the so-called Tesla Supercharger. It is currently hardly possible to charge an electric car more quickly and easily. The expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network is also continuing in Europe. According to a recent media release, Tesla is opening the 800th Supercharger location in Avignon - France. This strategically located supercharger includes a total of 28 fast charging stations to serve the ever-growing number of electric cars. The largest Supercharger location is still Nebbenes - Norway with 44 fast charging spots. A total of 800 Supercharger locations mean almost 9,000 Supercharger fast charging stations. A really impressive number, because Tesla is responsible for expanding its charging infrastructure itself. In addition, Tesla celebrated the opening of the first Supercharger location in Latvia in June 2022. The Superchargers can now be found in a total of 30 European countries. In Germany, Tesla currently operates around 128 supercharger locations with over 1600 quick charging stations.

An electric car charges with a maximum of 250 kW peak on the latest Tesla Supercharger V3 generation. This maximum charging power is completely sufficient, because there are still hardly any electric cars that reach this value. Under ideal conditions, a range of 80-100 kilometers can be recharged in 5 minutes. Tesla Superchargers have easy-to-handle cables. Fast charging stations from other manufacturers often have the disadvantage that the cables connecting the charging station and the CCS plug are hard to handle and stiff. Simple plug and charge ensures that Tesla vehicles are easy to charge for everyone. Tesla uses the payment method stored in the account. Some Tesla Superchargers are already open to third-party brands. Third-party products currently have access to over 250 Supercharger locations and 3,600 quick charging stations in 13 countries. With this project, Tesla is currently operating the largest public fast charging network in Europe from 150 kW charging capacity. Even for third-party products, only the Tesla app and a stored payment method are required. Here you can start the charging process via the Tesla app and monitor it at any time and then end it.

Tesla continues to focus on a high reliability rate and as few failures as possible with its superchargers. As disclosed in the 2021 Tesla Impact Report, 99.96% Supercharger uptime was recorded worldwide last year.

For more tips on charging with the Tesla Supercharger, we have our "Supercharger 1x1" for you here. Have fun watching.

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