Update: Tesla delivery times from Shanghai for Q3!

Update: Tesla delivery times from Shanghai for Q3!

Now that the 2nd quarter has ended as of today, we are starting the 3rd quarter of 2022 full of expectations. Due to the lockdown in Shanghai in March, many Tesla could not be built. Exports to Europe suffered greatly as a result. Since Tesla always produces for export at the beginning of the quarter, the first ships should leave Shanghai for Europe in the next few weeks. We are also expecting a delivery of the Model 3 Long Range from Shanghai.

Specified when ordering in March before the lockdown in Shanghai, the delivery month was August. In the further course, the delivery was adjusted backwards. At the beginning of June, the Tesla app indicated a delivery period between September 17th and November 1st, 2022. This was the start of the new dynamic 6-week delivery periods. A recent update from June 29th now shows us the delivery period between August 20th and October 04th, 2022. We are now approaching the original delivery month again. We will soon be able to follow the ship tracking again with excitement. For the 3rd quarter we now wish for many ships for Europe. Of course we will keep you informed about this.

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