Update in the Tesla Cybertruck interior

Update in the Tesla Cybertruck interior

The Tesla Cybertruck, a vehicle that you may or may not like. Ever since the prototypes were presented, the Tesla Cybertruck has caused a stir with its appearance and key data. It is angular, large and very special in appearance. But that's exactly what Tesla stands for. Demand will be particularly high for the US market, where pick-up models dominate the streets. The Tesla Cybertruck was introduced in 2019. Since then, the market launch has been postponed several times. Important competitors such as the Rivian R1T or Ford F150 Lightning are already being delivered in the USA. It is all the more important that Tesla continues to expand the Cybertruck and make it roadworthy.

A revised Tesla Cybertruck was already shown at the opening ceremony (Cyber ​​Rodeo) of the new Gigafactory in Texas. This shows revised mirrors, missing door handles, different rims and a refined body. But what is missing is the interior. But here have now been published by KSBW on Twitter. A revised cockpit is shown, almost suitable for series production. In addition to the still missing airbag, it quickly becomes clear that the interior is edgy. Large angular door panels, a large angular center armrest and an angular dashboard. A display is integrated into it above the steering wheel, as from the Tesla Model S and Model X. The Tesla Cybertruck also has the well-known yoke steering wheel and a well-known large middle screen on which a Model X can still be seen.

The interior is rounded off by a small window in the A-pillar. All in all very interesting. We can't wait to see how the cockpit will look in the end, because according to Elon Musk, production in the new Gigafactory Texas is scheduled to start next year.

Source: Twitter - Sawyer Merritt - KSBW Action News 8 / Image: Tesla

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