Update of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y production lines at Gigafactory Shanghai

Update of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y production lines at Gigafactory Shanghai

Updates on the remodeling of the production lines in the Gigafactory ShanghaiSince the 16thJuly 2022 the conversion of the production lines for the Tesla Model Y in the Gigafactory Shanghai is completedThe renewed start of production took place 2 days earlier than announcedTesla is increasing the production of its Tesla Model Y by a total of 600 vehicles, from 1600 to 2200 Tesla Model Y per day

Following this, the Tesla Model 3 production line will also receive an updateThe conversion is scheduled to take place on July 7thto be completed by August 2022With the Tesla Model 3, production is to increase by 300 vehicles, from the previous 900 to 1,200 vehiclesThe total annual capacity of Gigafactory Shanghai is expected to reach 1.1-1.2 million units per year after the update

But also in the newly built Gigafactory Grünheide the production of 11July - 22July 2022 closed to further optimize the production processesAccording to reports, the optimization will also halve the cycle time in the Gigafactory Grünheide in the futureBefore the conversion, the cycle time was around 90 seconds per cycle, after the conversion it should only be 45 seconds per cycle

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