Our own cleaning and care products for your Tesla

Our own cleaning and care products for your Tesla

There is another new product in our Shop4Tesla. From now on you can also order a cleaning and care product for your Tesla from us. These were developed in cooperation with Colourlock and are specially designed for all Tesla models. The seats in the Tesla in particular are subjected to a lot of hardship and deserve a little care. The cleaner first removes the dirt from the seats and storage areas. Then you go over the seats and surfaces with the sealer and care for them sustainably. We recommend that you clean and protect the white and light surfaces every 3 months. For black and dark surfaces approx. every 6 months. Since you only need small amounts of the cleaner and sealer, the bottles last for several applications.

In our online shop you will find our sustainable 2befair rubber mats

for the Tesla Model 3 & Model Y, but also other

great accessory for your Tesla.

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