Tesla Annual General Meeting 2022 in Texas - Next Gigafactory in Canada?

Tesla Annual General Meeting 2022 in Texas - Next Gigafactory in Canada?

Yesterday, Thursday, April 4thOn August 2nd, 2022, the annual Tesla general meeting took place in the recently opened Gigafactory Austin in TexasIn the midst of cheering shareholders, Tesla boss Elon Musk was also in top formHe appeared on stage in high spirits and shared his future plans for the Tesla brand with the worldQuite typical as we know Elon Musk: making jokes and philosophizing about the future, preferably both in combination

In contrast to many other current voices, Elon Musk looks to the future with optimismElon Musk said: "I meet a lot of people who think the earth is lostBut she can and will be saved”True to the motto: Do ​​good and earn money at the same timeThis is exactly what Elon Musk believes in and wants to make Tesla the most valuable company in the worldThe low of the Tesla share has also been overcomeJust a few weeks ago, the share price was less than 700 eurosMeanwhile, the 900 euro mark has been cracked againThe shareholders also voted in favor of a share split with a large majorityAccordingly, all Tesla shareholders will receive two more for every share

But Elon Musk also announced the future plans for the Tesla brandHe announced the construction of another Tesla Gigafactory, the location of which he expects to reveal towards the end of the yearAccording to initial information, a location in Canada could be chosenBut Elon Musk goes even furtherHe predicts that it is possible that in 10 years Tesla could have rolled around 100 million electric carsOf course, this required further locations in the next few yearsIf everything goes according to plan, Tesla could have 12 factories in the next 10 years

The goal for this year is to deliver around 1.5 million vehicles to customersThe necessary battery capacity for this is securedAccording to Elon Musk's forecast, 20 million Teslas will roll off the production line every year in 2030For comparison, the world's two largest automobile manufacturers, Toyota and Volkswagen, currently produce this figure in totalOn the subject of competition, Elon Musk allowed himself a few swipesSo he makes the statement: "Every time the others promote electric cars, our orders increase," and laughs

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Alternatively, here is a good summary of the AGM:

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