Tesla is now releasing superchargers in Germany for third-party products.

Tesla is now releasing superchargers in Germany for third-party products.

Tesla is now officially opening the first superchargers for third-party products in Germany. After the Supercharger Limburg an der Lahn was opened for a short time a few days ago, it quickly became clear that something would be done here in the near future. Tesla says in its press release that it has always been the goal to open the supercharger network to electric cars from other brands and thus encourage more people to drive electrically. Because the more electric car owners use the network, the faster it can be expanded. Mainly large supercharger locations were opened, probably to prevent the superchargers from being overloaded, especially during the upcoming holiday season. If you are interested in which superchargers have been opened in Germany, you can find this in your Tesla app under the item "Charge your non-Tesla vehicle" or on the Tesla website under the item Supercharger.

The price for third-party products is around €0.70/kWh. Alternatively, you can take out a membership for a usage fee of €12.99/month. With this membership, the price is reduced to around €0.56/kWh. Please note that there can be a 1 to 2 cent variation in Superchargers. Fees vary by location and can be viewed in the Tesla app. When it comes to membership, Tesla explicitly advertises with the slogan “Pay-per-Use”. The next few weeks, especially the holiday season, will show how the concept develops here in Germany. Tesla promises to monitor the utilization at the respective locations and to evaluate the experiences.

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